Firewirks over Sydney Opera House

Firewirks over Sydney Opera House

Friday, 27 April 2007

Developing 6

Had a good day today. Up early for a breakfast seminar in Sheffield at the law firm where I used to work. I still know quite a few people there so it was great to wear some slinky jeans and go and surprise them. Petra, a friend who I haven't seen since Day 3 of Foundation (we went for a walk on Bamford Edge when I was full of trepidation about the diet!) was stunned by the transformation and says she's inspired to start LL herself. I hope she does as I know she struggles with energy (being so very busy at work) and is trying for a baby too so it would be great to lose weight for both of those reasons.

What was funnier though were the parters who came over to butter me up (now I'm a potential client...!) and who couldn't help checking me out but were too PC to actually comment on my weight loss. Also, it was amusing when Petra had me twirling round so she could admire the full effect and was pinching my bum and squeezing my waist - at 8am in a room full of suits at a seminar on Construction Law!!

There seems to be a rash of forgetfulness at the moment. First Sandra, then Aimee then Mrs (of Lard Arms fame) and today me have all forgotten our packs. Luckily I had had breakfast (sometimes I have it at work) so I decided that I could manage all day and also luckily I had a couple of Savoury drinks in the office. I drank a fair bit of water and had the 2 drinks and it wasn't too bad. I suppose I don't work really long hours so I was home by 5.30 and could scoff a bar down within 5 minutes of walking through the door. Still, I'm pleased that I didn't succumb to temptation or use it as an excuse to stary. I might have done if I hadn't already had a shake though!!

Went for a run with Kate this evening. She's faster than my other running buddies so we kept up a good pace. After the circuit I decided that it wasn't long enough so carried on for another shorter loop and now feel qutie virtuous. It's good as I can forget about running for the weekend now as we're going out on Monday night and concentrate on gardening and shopping!

After the seminar I nipped into Coles (the Sheffield John Lweis) and tried on evening dresses for the Rugby Club dinner in a fortnight's time. I'm definitely a 16, the 18's were hanging off me. A couple of the 16's were gaping at the side too though but I'm not quite into 14's. I bought one black dress which was on sale but that is more as a "safety" dress. There is another much nicer one but want to try it with a proper bra to make sure it works. It's pretty va va voom round the bust! Am taking D into town tomomrrow to look at the dress and get started on the decoration stuff for our bedroom. Order curtains, buy paint etc . Want to get started on that very soon.

So, it's all go in our household. I'm about to get ready and join D in the pub so I hope you all have a great weekend.


Cath said...

Was it nervewracking going back to where you used to work? Bet you were full of excited butterflies going in. Love the fact that they were all checking you out :)

I've yet to forget my packs - might take a couple to work though just in case I do one day as the only thing I have there is water.

Definitely need to see pictures of you in the dress you buy - you could be in the 14's in a fortnight so I'd hold off from buying it until the last minute ... though if you do buy it in a bigger size you could swap it if it's too big on the day.

Hope you had a good night at the pub ..... it's great not having a hangover the day after.


Melanie said...

It must have been such an adrenaline rush meeting up with people who haven't seen you since before your weight loss.

How stiff upper lip of them to be unable to actually comment on it, I would personally see that as more of a compliment, with your weight loss being so obvious and yet they didn't say anything, says more than if they had commented. If that makes sense?

Funny of your friend to go squeezing to find out where the flab has gone!

I saw an old friend yesterday in ASDA, although I hid behind one of the ailes. Sounds nuts I know but she only knew me before I gained my weight. We used to go out in little slappa dresses on a Friday night clubbing so she doesn't know me fat. I didn't speak to her because I knew in her mind she would be thinking how much weight I've put on, although she wouldn't have said so. In my mind I know I've done so well to lose this much, and to stand there in front of someone thinking how much I'd gained, I prefered to hide round the corner. I'm waiting for the day when I can bump into people who only knew me big and let them be amazed at what I've lost.

I can't believe you're so close to the size 14's, that's just amazing you must be so chuffed with yourself. Imagine when you go to Canada, you'll be looking so fab, you do already but by then it'll be so lovely.

Even the flight will be more comfortable for you, it's little things like that which will make all the difference. I'm hoping that when I go to Spain in June, I won't have the embarrassment of asking for an extension for the seat belt. Was so funny in Greece, I whispered to the air hostess for an extension, then as she'd brought it over and I fitted it my then 3yr old son announces "Why do you need that Mummy, is it cause you're too fat?" Kid's are just great at stuff like that.

Hope you had a good night at the pub! Take care,

Mel x