Firewirks over Sydney Opera House

Firewirks over Sydney Opera House

Saturday, 14 April 2007

Day 93 -8 Spa Day!!

We had a lovely day. Met up in Covent Garden at 12 and did a bit of girly shopping - you know the sort - sunglasses, tee shirts, shoes. Didn't buy anything for me - don't want to spend proper money yet but popped into Ted Baker and bought an outrageously expensive polo shirt for D so he had better appreciate it!!

It was great to see Rachel again too as haven't seen her since before Christmas either and she too was impressed. It was funny though that they both said that, although objectively they knew I was overweight (Boy, was I ever??), when they think of me it's at about this weight (ie my post diet weight). That's very strange as I haven't been this slim for years! Quite a few people say that - that they dont think of me as fat - which I have always discounted as being polite but now not so sure. I think with Rach and Nat it's because we've known each other for years so they always hark back to Uni days for their mental image. Not that I was slim all the way through Uni either but for some of the time I was.

Anyway, onto the Sanctuary. Very nice. Not super plush like the really posh spas but also not ruinously expensve. Cost £77 for the day with treatments on top at about £60 for an hour long wrap or massage. It had everything, exercise pool, posing pool (with a big swing over the water which I think is the one from the Joan Collins film "The Stud"!), saunas, steam rooms, jacuzzis , restaurant and lounge, Koi Carp lounge (a lovely lounge with loads of loungers and chairs and mags and stuff around a massive pond with brdge over with a loads of massive Koi idling around) That was beautiful and so relaxing for just sitting around and chatting or sleeping. My treatment was a Kyshi Mud wrap and scalp massage and my skin feels so soft and firm its fab.

The therapist was a really nice Irish woman who said she had come across quite a few women with lots of excess skin after big diets but didn't think I would have any trouble from that quarter- YAY!!

All in all it was heaven and I think Rach (mother of twin girls of nearly 4!) who struggles with sometimes quite serious health problems enjoyed the peace and quiet and "me-time" even more, understandably!

Afterwards we schlepped all the way down to Tooting to see Rachel's new house and had a chat but we were all knackered - this relaxing is tiring business! So taxi back and I'm just posting this before an early night.

It was great - I would highly recommend. Night night.


Cath said...

Your spa sounds gorgeous, especially your treatment, can't begin to imagine how good you feel now. Where did you get the cossie you wore in the end? Did you stick with the one you bought the other day.

I can understand the way in which your friends see you, I do think that we do see people differently in our minds eye when we think of them, so they're probably right when they say they 'see' you as you were when you were in Uni.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend, hope D likes his shirt when he gets it.


Sandra said...

Sounds fab. I've recently booked a spas day for Dan's Mum and I at the Marriott County Hall in London via For £206 we both get the use of the spa facilities and 3 30 minute treatments each plus a light lunch (which I will forgo of course). We'll go for her birthday in July.

When I told one of my friends that I need to lose 6 stone just to be eligible for fertility treatment she said 'how much would you weigh then?' and was shocked when I said I'd still be 13 stone then. She had no idea I was over 19 stone.

Funnily enough I also see myself differently. Whenever I dream about myself I am 'normal-sized'. Despite being overweight all my adult life and a lot of my childhood too, in my head I am not. I don't know if this is a positive thing or not. Maybe it stopped me being successful on other diets before?

Hope you feel blissed out and relaxed for a few days after the spa!

Lesley said...

Hi Cath. I found a decent cossie in Matalan of all places. Not too low cut at the front ad a nice bright colour and only £15! Better than all the much more expensive options I had been about to settle for.

chrismars said...

Sounds a perfect day out. Utter bliss!!

Chris x

SoonBeSlim... It's True! said...

Did you go on the swing?

Sounds a lovely SPA experience and hope the cossie was up to muster!

you are nearly at the 100 days, I can only dream of this!

Light at the end of the shorter tunnel