Firewirks over Sydney Opera House

Firewirks over Sydney Opera House

Tuesday, 10 April 2007

Day 88 -13 Easter Monday

Another busy day so no time to post but I've also had issues regarding food and eating running through my head which I need to get down before they fester.

All the way through the diet I have had the very occasional mouthful of food from time to time. usually chicken or ham or a piece of veg while I'm cooking. Just lately those very occasional and non-harmful mouthfuls have been getting more frequent and the amount I've eaten has increased too. I'm sure that, in the scheme of things, these small amounts won't make a significant difference but I'm concerned about the whys and wherefores. Also, if I do see a downturn in my weight loss each week it will be very de-motivating and might cause me not to want to go to weigh-ins or not to want to stay for the counselling. Not good!

In the past, when I've lost a couple of stone, enough to make a difference, I've started getting complacent and nibbling, missing weigh-ins and generally drifting off whatever diet I was then following. I can see that happening now albeit I have lost much more weight and much quicker.

I feel different this time in that I have no intention of going off the diet or missing weigh-ins or anything but even the threat of drifting is worrying me.

So - some new targets:
  1. I will not nibble AT ALL between now and the end of Foundation on 21 April.
  2. I will ensure that I keep up my water intake until then, especially at weekends when I do struggle a bit.

I have deliberately made the targets short term as I want them to bite. I think if I can beat the nibbling for a week/10 days I can beat it going forward. If I set a longterm, unrealistic target it is more likely that I will ignore it. I'm doing plenty of exercise so that it good and I'm not giving in to temptation or eating meals or drinking or anything, it's just the opportunistic nibbling that is my downfall. I really don't need the mouthfuls of chicken etc so why do it??

Anyway, enough of that - send me good thoughts so I can stay strong over the next few days girls!!

I went for a great jog with Shelley in the morning. (This not drinking is great; unlike my husband I woke up feeling fresh and raring to go!) I thought I'd take the dog for the run as it was to be mostly off-road and D was going fishing so she might not have got much of a walk otherwise. Trouble is, she recognises my jogging gear and refuses to come with me! She jumped into bed with D and snuggled up to him as if he could protect her from the dreaded jogging. Honestly, her body language was comical - she could not have more craven if I was going to beat her or bath her (not sure which she thinks is worse!!). Anyway, I eventually lifted her bodily off the bed and put her in the car. Once at Shelley's place, which she absolutely loves, she was a different doggie. You would have thought that the expedition was all her idea. Not only that, the running was great, she was sniffing her way all over the fields and splashing through ditches - fickle little madam! We managed about 3 and 1/2 hilly miles in 35 minutes so next time will have to add a little loop onto that route or it will be too easy!

After the run, shower, change and off to the pub in Sheffield to meet my mate before the football. He is gutted with me for threatening to move to France and thus break up our little football club but needs must. We had a good laugh as always and the not eating or drinking is definitely easier than it was. The game was excellent with Sheffield Wednesday beating Ipswich 2-0. It won';t do us any good as our good run has come too late to get us into the Play-Offs but at least it gives us hope for next season.

Then back home, cooked D and his fishing buddy (who is currently alone as his girlfriend is abroad for a few months) a proper roast chicken with trifle for dessert. They wolfed it down in very satisfying style and (apart from the odd mouthful which I've discussed above) I felt great just providing a lovely Easter meal for hungry men. There's something good about that - must be the 1950's housewife in me!!

Anyway, all in all it was a great holiday weekend and I have had so many comments about my weight loss that my head has been expanding as my ass shrinks! I think the sucess has caused me to waver slightly in my focus but, on the positive side, I have recognised the danger and feel totally determined not to let it take over. That is a lesson for all of us - even great results are fragile and you must be vigilant and keep addressing your thought processes at all times!!


Melanie said...

Hi Lesley,

I think it's very wise of you to set yourself some achievable short term targets. I think it will be a big help to getting you through this difficult patch.

I do agree with you that in the past, I too have done the first couple of stone to then start letting slip once the compliments start coming in and the clothes feel lighter. I think a false sense of security forms and so thinking that the little treat rewards are okay, until the little treats take over completely.

I'm at that point I feel, which is why I'm trying to change the diet slightly by keeping off carbs, I think I get complacent with what I'm doing so I'm hoping the variation will keep my interest, and hopefully momentum given that I've lost so much in a short space of time.

Either way, like you I still have the determination that it will not be the case this time. Although keeping that in mind, still doesn't make it any easier.

I'm going to copy your short term target setting and do some for myself, I think it really will help. I might even promise myself a little reward for meeting my set targets, I fancy having my nails done, that could be my reward.

Well done with you running, you really are doing so well with that.

Take care,

Aimeerebecca said...

Hi Lesley
I just wanted to tell you that I think you're doing great and you can really see the difference in your recent photos compared to your first pictures. You've been a real inspiration to me and it was after reading your blog that I decided to start on the cambridge diet :)I'm sure if you focus on one week at a time you'll be able to see it through to the end!
Aimee x

Ameythist said...

It is really strange the way we sabotage our best efforts, we know what we are doing yet we still try to cheat - your targets should get you back on track - are you staying on the development to lose more or are you going to maintain?
I know every now and then I think one little piece wont hurt, but then I am scared to death it ruins my loss for the week, it is bad enough only losing a bit when you dont cheat :-(

chrismars said...

Hi Lesley, I've not been on for a few days so only just catching up with everyone. It's really bad when we miss a day of two, there are so many of us we need to catch up with now, aren't there?.

Sorry to read about the occasional mouthfuls. But you realise what's happening and not making any excuses. When you look at the media there's so much about chocs, easter food, cakes, BBQs, etc, etc, it's a wonder we're not all going doolally abstaining.

You'll get past it, especially with your target setting and motivation. Just keep on keeping on.

Chris x

Cath said...

Lesley the best part of your post is that you know that you've been doing yourself no favours by picking, you can see that for yourself and it's you who wants to change this and stop this happening. I think that the very fact that you've admitted openly to yourself and us what you're doing is a huge step in the right direction. Also that you've given yourself small goals, these will really help as sometimes the big picture is just too much to take in and we do need those bitesize chunks to give us a greater feeling of accomplishment plus they break the journey up for us.

I really believe that you can do this and know that you believe you can too and you've got my love and support behind you and pushing you forward 1000% ...... plus if I'm behind you I'll see anything that goes near your mouth that shouldn't and I'll kick your backside :)



Sandra said...

Thanks for the comment on my blog! It's great to find another LL blogster.

Sandra X

Lesley said...

HI all. I knew I could count on you all to be right behind me. Not sure about Cath though - how hard will you kick my butt??!

Sandra - think hard before you start checking out all the great LL'ers and CD'ers you'll find through this blog! I warn you - it'll take a load of time keeping up with us all and you get sucked into everyone's great stories. Welcome though.

Lesley x