Sunday, 29 April 2007

Developing 7

Not the greatest set of piccies this time - we weren't really concentrating. will try harder on my new camera!!

Another busy day in the lovely sunshine. I had my french lesson this morning and unlike last week, I had not done my homework early so had to get up early to do it and then get to class. It's going really well, I'm speaking much more easily now - we'r almost having proper conversations. It's very pleasing and reassuring for the big move.

When I got home, my friends, Kirsten and Jenny with Jen's 2 kids came over. We went for a walk behind Hathersage up to a ruined paper mill and North Lees Hall. We had some fun with the kids and the dogs. I chickened out of using my new camera as I didn't want to slow us all down with the kids and all. I'll get my head round it next week.

D went out fishing on the Ladybower Reservoir with the lads. He's only just getting into the fishing and today was his second excursion - I've just heard that they were all, once again, fishless!! D must be a jinx.

Anyway, off to the pub soon but looking forward to an early night in as want to be a bit more productive at work next week.

Have a good evening and keep on keeping everyone.


Cath said...

You've had a busy weekend - I look forward to all the photos we're gonna see when you get used to the camera.

The French sounds like it's really coming on - I could never speak it properly. Did french and german o'level but though I could speak german enough to get by I couldn't speak french as I always sounded daft.

Hope you have a nice night at the pub - I'm just waiting for hubby to come back from his bike ride so we can go to the pub too :)


chrismars said...

My French mistress (as the teacher's at my convent school were called) decided I was rubbish after my Mock O-level and wouldn't let me continue. I never plucked up courage to learn a language since - I would quite like to learn Italian or Spanish - I can't be having with the instance on correct pronunciation with the French. It's funny, isn't it. If a French man speaks English in a French accent we all go gooey at the knees (or wherever!) but if an English man speaks French in an English accent the French get all uppity about it. No, no French for me.

Chris x