Thursday, 19 April 2007

Day 97 (2)

After posting last night and planning a quiet night in I ended up with a surprise visitor! I was in the shower when the dog started going crazy so finished up quickly and went to see who it was: Julian, an old neighbour from years ago who moved down to Cheltenham and who I haven't seen for 2 or 3 years at least. As he was hungry and it was nearly 9 I got dressed and ready in double quick time so we could get to a pub before they all stop serving food at 9pm (the country you know - it's like a desert after 9pm).

It was lovely to see him and catch up but really funny. Firstly he was impressed with the weight loss and obviously surprised about all the jogging etc as we were definitely not really healthy types when he used to live next door! Then again - he is training for a major cycling road race so wasn't drinking and was eating a low GI diet (he only had a Greek salad with no carbs!) which was also a major sea-change.

Our bodies were well and truly Temples last night.

We were laughing as when he and his girlfriend used to live next door we virtually lived in the local pub and our weekend drinking session used to start on Wednesday nights!! Times change eh. He lso revealed that his girlfriend is pregnant with their first which made me feel a bit wistful so maybe the baby bug is catching up with me??

They're also thinking of moving to France for the lifestyle and space so we might have coompany depending on where they end up.

It was a real tonic and brought it home to me how much I have changed over the years and how much happier I am with the new me. While we had a great time when we were pubbing it every night - I had no energy and D and I were not terribly happy (masked it with all the socialising) so I feel that our life is much more "real" now.

Anyway, I just wanted to record that feeling in case I forget. Always nice to realise that you're content. There was a survey recently about the Happiest People in Europe (the Danes) and how 90% of them reported that they were happy or very happy - well I'd put myself in that bracket at the moment so maybe we should move to Denmark not France!!

Got my last Foundation weigh in tonight - yikes, hope I'm still content after that!! We'll get our interim "after" photos too which should be interesting...


Mrs said...


Back home now and lying in bed reading everyone's blogs properly. You sound so happy, which is a tonic for us, your readers!

I really hope you also feel proud of what you've achieved when you go tonight; the fact that you've come this far is a testament to you! Perhaps it was a good thing that your old neighbour turned up - you could see how much you have changed - just before a landmark session tonight.

Will be fascinated to know what happens - not just your weight loss but how the whole evening pans out.

Bon chance! (or is it bonne chance?) xxxxx

Lesley said...

You were right the first time - Bon Chance!!

Cath said...

How lovely is that having your friend turn up - it made it to be a memorable night right before your other memorable night tonight! It's lovely to catch up with people - especially when you're not expecting to.... good for you that he's in a healthy frame of mind too. From what you've said your life has really changed and it sounds as though it's for the better for you too - health and emotional wise.

Have everything crossed for you tonight xx


Aimeerebecca said...

Good Luck for your weigh in tonight, I bet there'll be such a difference between your before photo compared to your new after one :)