Firewirks over Sydney Opera House

Firewirks over Sydney Opera House

Tuesday, 10 April 2007

Day 89 -12 Back to skool/work

Well, I feel like this is actually Day 1 not Day 89. After my mini targets from this morning I feel a bit like I'm starting from scratch again!! It's a pretty good feeling though, not negative and I'm pleased to report that I've managed to resist temptations like roast chicken from last night when feeding the dog ; a finger full of fried swede (don't ask - D likes it. I find it too greasy but it smelt good sitting in the pan as I walked past), french bread out on the counter etc etc and have not nibbled AT ALL today.

Like I did at the start I'm working on a mixture of avoidance and willpower and the mini targets really have helped.

Just for completeness' sake, I have also drunk my full 4 litres and wil probably have another pint or so before I go to bed.

I had a good lunch break today. I suddenly realised that I'm going on my spa day at The Sanctuary in Covent Garden on Saturday and my swimming cossies are pretty ropey and not reaLly fit to be seen in in public. So, went shopping and founds myself trying on loads of clothes not just cossies. Size 18's are comfortable in all the shops I went in and I can get into quite a few 16's in skirts and tops!

The problem is going to be all the choice. I'm used to shopping in Evans or a very few other limited collections. Suddenly there are all these other shops full of stuff that will fit me. But what do I want? What suits me? How will I find the time for all the shopping and trying on to find out?? It's bit daunting actually. I don't want just to stick to my old ways of dressing. I would like to be a bit more adventurous. Still, there's plenty of time so hopefully I can get a couple of my more shopaholic friends intersted in me as a project and they can help me out!!

Trouble with the swimming costumes is, though, that the ones that fit my body (a size 16!!) are too small round the bust or too low cut so they show off an unpleasant wodge of cleavage (and not in a good way)! How do people fit into them?? I've never had a problem with costumes from Evans before. Still, I've found one in Boots that's ok and so will keep that in reserve while I try a few more shops. Might have to have a look at Bravissimmo or something if I have no luck.

Wish me luck.


Cath said...

Glad to see your post has come up - I've kept on checking to see how you've got on today.

Well done on the resisting food - it is just those picks and pecks that you've got to be careful of ... it's not so much that what you're eating does anything to your body, it's the fact of how it effects your mind.

Now a spa at The Sanctuary sounds gorgeous, and very well deserved it is too. I'd imagine the spa days there to be heavenly as the products that they just sell are lovely enough.

Good girl you for trying on the clothes --- not being funny Lesley but I don't think you 'woohooooooed' the getting into a 16 quite loud enough ... I wanted to hear you scream with joy from hear. 16's are just fantastic, that is such an achievement!

I know you don't want to shop at Evans but if it means getting a cossie that fits you comfortably it might be worth trying them as they do do 16's there, plus it may just be the last thing you buy there!

Re clothes, I was looking in the shops while I was out with my daughter yesterday and I see myself in such a range of styles when I can fit into them. It's like the next website, there are so many styles of clothing on there and I want to wear most of them --- I don't want a certain style, I want styles ... I want all the ones that I've missed out on and then I want some more. Think hubby had best take my bank card off me when I slim :)

I'm sure your friends would love to go with you, that's a shopping girls dream.

Good luck!


Aimeerebecca said...

Hi Lesley
Its so exciting that you can get into size 16's now :)
I know how you feel about being daunted about all the new styles out there that you'll be able to wear; I've been wearing jeans and jumpers for years and its like you lose touch a bit with what might suit you. Just keep thinking of all the amazing new clothes you can buy when you reach your target and it will help you keep going!

chrismars said...

Glad to see the nibbling is on the wane.

A size 16 - fantastic! But I understand your dilemma with clothes. you get into such a habit of buying 'stiff' that fits and looks tolerable that you really don't know what your 'style' is. My sister's taking me shopping when I'm ready - she's a stylish dresser and a bit of a shopaholic when it comes to clothes - and always one to spot a bargain.

Enjoy The Sanctuary. A friend from years back always used to go there and I promised myself to try it one day. Maybe we could all make a date to try it (or somewhere similar) when we get near our targets. A pity we all live so far apart from each other - it would be good to meet 'in the flesh'.

Keep up the good work.

Chris x

Lesley said...

You know Chris, I've been thinking the very same thing and was planning on suggesting it someimte when people were a bit further on in their LL journeys. I'm sure a fair few people would make an effort and we could find somewhere central.

Great minds eh?

Lesley x

CazLon said...

Lesley, I just discovered your blog, and am just in awe of how well you are doing!! Well done for hitting the size 16 mark - its a little scary when suddenly there are choices everywhere - but a friend of mine lost a lot of weight last year and as a treat I booked her in with a personal shopper in Debenhams - its a free service, and they really know what they are doing - this woman took one look at C and brought out the most amazing clothes - some were perfect, some not so, but it really opened my friends eyes to the fact that she could wear so many styles she would never have tried - and in COLOUR!! I've just started the Cambridge Diet, and I would like to up the fitness side of things too, and your blog is the first one where somebody is successfully combining the two - I read the whole thing through last night, thanks for the inspiration! Best of luck with the rest of your weight loss journey, and remember you are also giving a boost to complete strangers to stick to theirs! Thanks again,


Cath said...

Just reading the comments on yesterdays blog and yes I'd definitely be up for a meet --- we'll have to plot where we all are and see where comes up as central.