Firewirks over Sydney Opera House

Firewirks over Sydney Opera House

Wednesday, 25 April 2007

Developing 3 and 4 - Weigh in time again

As you can see I lost another 4lbs taking me to a total loss of 5 stone 10lbs. I'm pretty pleased with that and hope the 4lb average can continue for a while to come.

My first class in Development was interesting. There were 6 of us from my Foundation class although a couple of others are going to be coming but couldn't make this evening. There were only 2 other women both of whom have been coming for a while. They seem nice but the class was unsettling.

I suppose anything outside your comfort zone is bound to be but I hadn't anticipated that it would be to this extent. I just thought - well, we're carrying on as before so what's there to worry about? Apparently there's loads to worry about! Both the LLC (who is not our normal one - she's at a LL conference inLondon) and the 2 experienced hands came out with a load of stuff about how quite a few women in their respective groups had "fallen by the wayside". Which seemed to encompass anything from reching goal and not doing Maintenance to just stopping. They implied that they were all struggling to "hold" their weight losses. It all seemed a massive struggle to be brutally honest.

I think the 6 of us from our cosy little Foundation class were a bit shell-shocked by the casual discussion of people failing and re-gaining weight etc. We're still all determined that it's not going to happen to us.

I probed a bit to try and find out why Development seems much harder than Foundation when on the face of it, it's the same and it seemed to come down to the fact that it's more fluid; you're not in your supported cosy little class and the target is not as clearly defined. I suppose I can relate to the latter - in Foundation it's allfocussed on finishing the 100 days etc now it's more of a moveable feast.

So - I'm going to set a clearly defined goal(which I may re-evaluate at a later date) in order to have something tangible to aim at and stop the headf**k ('scuse the language - couldn't think of another more apt word!) that just meandering through Development could turn into.

That goal is to get to a size 12 in all the mainstream shops - Next, M&S, Oasis etc; have lost more than 9 stone (I think 91/2 stone) and be fit enough to run/be in training for a half marathon. I want to go further than just being slim - I want to be toned, and have a good figure too so think my BMI will have to be quite a bit less than the 25 healthy-range limit.

Just to catch up from yesterday - I was too grumpy to post. Think it must be TOTM as I was a bear and had a go at D on the phone (probably justifiably but still not like me). Anyway, we made up and it was back to normal on the phone this evening so tht's good.

I played golf this morning which was gorgeous - playing much better though still haven't beaten par yet this year but I'm only a few shots away now and have booked a lesson for next Monday evening so that might help. Aftr golf did loads of chores and "moving to France" type investigations nd then took the dog for a much deserved walk along the river as you can see from the photos. She loved it - but however much she loves me (and I'm defintiely her favourite although D will swear blind it's the other way around) she was not going to be giving up that stick in a hurry - there's a very nasty glint in her eye in that photo!!

So, much food for thought about Devleopment but I think I can cope with the uncertainty for the time being anyway. I'll let you know if it gets harder - who am I kidding - I'll be shouting for help that's for sure!!


Kittycat said...

Another fab weight loss, well done!!

I love the pic of the stick with the evil eye, great shot.

Thanks for the hugs and support, there are some very special people out there in cyberland and I'm very happy to "know" one them, thank you.

I reckon you'll soon get used to the way the Development classes work, you've done incredibly well so far and you are sound so determined and I just know you'll succeed.

Cath said...

Firstly well done on another great loss --- you're just going down down down and that's brilliant to see.

Scary news about the development class, sounds ominous doesn't it. I think you've done the best thing by setting yourself some goals and yours are much the same as I want to (and mentally have) set for myself .... without the marathon of course!! I was saying that tonight at class (I lost 3lbs so that's a total of 40lb yippee), that I plan to be in development until about November until I've lost at least 9.5 - 10 stone. I'm only 5'1" so to be in a healthy bmi I need to be under 9st 4 .... and that's a long way away yet.

Glad you and D are all sorted - you premenstrual monster you ---- am sure it was 6 of one and half dozen of the other and you'll both be fine now you've snogged and made up :)


Mrs said...

Hi Lesley

So glad you posted as I was a bit worried, as you have been so consistent. I hope things are good with hubby now and I totally empathise if it's TOTM!!

And being you, you have turned it around, shot some fabulous pictures and continued to inspire. Shelagh looks great!

I was fascinated to read your post but also really felt for you in the unsettled arena of...Development. If it's any consolation, I'm not sure if you had the same experience at the beginning of Foundation but it was drummed into us that "this is not weight watchers". You cannot cheat. This is HARDCORE! I wonder if it's the same with Development part one - frightening all and sundry?

Be sure of one thing - your virtual group will be with you all the way - and maybe you can ask your fellow Foundation friends how they found it? And, maybe it's worth bringing up this negativity next time. Am I right in thinking that Development is still abstinence ie foodpacks but that the group is fluid? At least there are six of you together.

I think your goals are amazing and I know you will do it. And with style!

Sending you a virtual hug - a big one.

Mrs L xxxxxxxxxx

PS well done on the tremendous weight loss.

Sandra said...

I think perhaps the 6 of you from Foundation should get together and agree to support each other the way you have so far.

I get the feeling a lot of people do get to their goal weight or a comfortable weight and then leave thinking it's all over and then regain. In fact, in our foundation group we have a 2nd timer. In some ways it's good to have her input but she also serves as a reminder that failure is an option.

Like you, I do not intend to ever be back after dealing with this issue. Already a number of us are planning to not only do maintenance but keep coming to sessions once we have reached goal. It's free and the support is apparently there as long as you need it. You only pay if you are buying foodpacks.

I am in my mind setting my own goals because I have never found the 100 days a useful tool because (a) like you I want to lose 9.5 stone and that will take a longer time - I am aiming for being there by November; (b) I started a week behind the majority of the group so they wil reach 100 days and I'll be on day 93.

Great weight loss. I lost 3 lbs again but I think I'm going to have a better loss this week as I've already dropped a couple of pounds overnight...

chrismars said...

I haven't been able to get on for a few days so only just caught up from Developing 1. How a mood changes from one day to the next! D1, you were on top of the world, and then D2, crash! Men are definiteley from Mars!!!

Enough f men; onto bras. Ditto! I need new ones too. I only bouf=ght 2 new ones (from a lingerie shop, not cheap M&S) just befi=ore Christmas, but they're now on the innermost hooks and the straps have been raised so much that if I raise them any more I'll cut off the blood supply to my underarms.

Oh, I was looking forward to hearing about what happens in Development, as you know. But if what the locum LLC and 'help' say is anything to go by, I agree with Sandra, then the 6 of you in your Foundation group have got to prove them wrong. Are you up for the challenge, Lesley?

Nighty night.

Chris x