Thursday, 19 April 2007

Day 98 -3 Last weigh in of Foundation!

We had a really lovely last class. I've lost 4lbs taking me to 5 stone 5lbs in total during the Foundation section. Everyone looks great - so much brighter and slimmer than they did 14 weeks ago and our mental attitudes have undergone a sea change too.

We did an exercise on our first night where we had to describe ourselves in terms of a colour, a vehicle, a shoe, a bird/animal or fish and a famous person. Now I've never been really down on myself so my choices weren't too negative - red; a volvo; a trendy trainer; a labrador and Edwina Currie (!) ('cos she's bright, challenging, cerebral and, underneath it all, a bit of a girl, in case you're wondering!).

We repeated the exercise again this evening and my choices were: red (some things don't change, always was red and always will be!); a BMW 4-door convertible (not quite a Ferrari but heading in the right direction); wedge heeled strappy sandals (once again, not quite shag-me shoes but heading for them!); a leopard - sleek, strong and a bit of a huntress (not as skinny as a Cheetah yet though); and Sophia Loren (I know I'm not an international sex symbol - don't get me wrong, my ego is well-developed but I'm not deranged!). She's dramatic, voluptuous, natural, enjoys her food, loves her family, hasn't bowed down to fashion, a real woman. A real role model for me - what I would like to be.

What was striking was how upbeat we all were even though most of us are continuing for at least another few weeks if not months. Most peoples' choices had changed far more dramatically than mine - from battered old transit vans to Mercedes Kompressors; slippers to stilettos; elephants to kittens; black to yellow; grey to pink; Dawn French to Shirley Bassey; Miriam Margoles to Sharon Stone. The transformations in our moods and our opinions of ourselves were nothing short of amazing.

One woman told us how she had been standing up for herself at work for the first time ever - and she is heading for 60. Another has changed her job and looks like a different woman. Another got into a size 14 bright pink bridesmaid dress in a proper society wedding down in London and looked stunning next to the model-like bride and other bridesmaid. Great stories.

Anyway, I think this week has been quite exciting even though I'm just continuing with the 4 foodpacks in Development - I'm sure next week will be back to the norm but I'm not depressed about that. It's a really positive journey where I'm not just focussed on the finish line but am enjoying at the scenery on the way as well.

Anyway, I'm getting so much attention at work I feel like a celebrity or something - I've had 7 or 8 people stopping me and commenting on my weight today alone. People are making jokes about it - how I have to go shopping at lunchtime 'cos my trousers don't fit by then - or someone was showing another woman a top she'd bought for her toddler and a passing bloke asked if she'd bought it for Lesley! I even got a very non-PC wolf whistle from the Exec Director in town today!! Gave me a bit of a lift...

It's probably because I've bought a few new clothes so they always make you look slimmer but it really keeps you going.

Anyway -I've been doing well on the no nibbling and the drinking plenty of water so everything is positive tonight. I have a busy weekend coming up so shall float off to bed now. I really hope you all have this euphoria ahead of you (although I know you're feeling the good stuff already in many cases). Keep on doing the hard work and you'll enjoy the rewards - it is soooo worth it!

Night night all and thanks for the great messages.


Cath said...

Hurrraaayyyyyyyy! Your last Foundation class - that whole 14 week hurdle that seemed so long - you've done it! And not only have you done it but you've smashed through losing 5st 5lbs!!!! Oh Lesley I am so happy for you - a whole lot of cyber love is being sent your way xxxx

LOL how times changed - 8 or 9 weeks ago I would never have been running to the pc at 6.30 in the morning to see how someone did in a weigh in last night - and today I really couldn't get downstairs quick enough.

Love the effect you're having at work, all the comments are so positive and must make you feel great.

I wouldn't be depressed over Development and the food packs either - I'm hoping to see it as stage 2 of the greatest journey really.

I like your choices too - in fact I even liked your choices on the first night. I too have never been that negative - I struggled in class when we were doing the 'crooked thoughts'.

Have a really good day.


Ameythist said...

Whooo Whooo a great big cheer for you Lesley - 5 Stone you smashed it Who knows you will be the centre pages in the LighterLife magazine :-)
Big hug coming atcha xxxx

chrismars said...

Many, many,many congratulations on getting to week 14 and totally smashing the 3st target set by LL. So, so proud you, Lesley.

I wasn't on yesterday and you hadn't posted by the time I did my last post so just caught up with the last 3. So funny, and so introspective. You really seem to know yourself. I've been struggling to describe myself as per colour, car etc as I've ben reading - not easy. I'm afraid I've still got a lot of those negative images about myself and I think most of them are because of the on/off problems I've had with the diet. But you've done b****y marvellous and you'll soon be a big, bright red ferrari - no mistaking!

Can't wait to hear what happens in Development.

Chris x

Oiseau said...

Yay! Congratulations Lesley, that's a fantastic amount to have lost on Foundation!

You've done so well all the way through this and reading your blog has really been inspiring! Just think of all of us who've pushed ourselves just that little bit further or gone out & tried something new, all down to you!

Can't wait to hear all about how you get on through development, and keep thinking of that red Ferrari...

Big hugs,

Kirsty x

Mrs said...

Dear Lesley

Wow! As Cath said, I was desperate to see how you got on at your last Foundation class. Can you believe a) how much weight you have lost so far and b) how well you've done on Foundation (mentally, physically etc) and c) as Oiseau has said, just how much you have inspired all of us behind you?

You really have made a huge difference (to us) and clearly you've put so much in and got so much out of it all. And the best really is yet to come!

It's hard to send hugs and love over the internet but I feel really proud to know someone who's doing so well.

So, here's to you, Lesley! Am drinking a big glass of sparkling water to toast your very good health.

Mrs L xxxxxxxx