Firewirks over Sydney Opera House

Firewirks over Sydney Opera House

Friday, 20 April 2007

Day 99 -2

Not bad for a Friday. Had a quiet morning at work and then went out to Rother Valley Country Park to meet a consultant for a meeting. It was great - we ended up having a site visit and meeting which was more like a weekend walk but without the crowds. As part of a development of land adjacent to the Park which the COuncil is doing, we had to walk round the Park and up to the site which meant walking alongside the lakes and rivers, looking at the swans and wildlife and listening to the birds sing! I could handle doing that every Friday afternoon. We finished off by sitting at a picnic table next to the lake surrounded by swans and ducks going through some papers. Very civilised.

I was sensibly dressed in jeans and trainers but my 2 colleagues were in work suits etc so I had a great time but I think the boys' feet were a little sore!!

Once back home I rang my friend to arrange a run for tomorrow morning but she said she couldn't make it as she'd promised her little girl a trip to Gullivers Kingdom in Matlock (lucky woman eh??) but she was going this evening instead - so off we went!!

Kate runs much faster than me and although she either waits for me at gates or comes back to me, I still end up running faster than usual so as not to hold her up. Not only that, but she took me the "wrong" way round the route which involved 3 massive hills!! Then the damn dog got herself lost for the first time ever in her life. She often hangs back behind me then races to catch us up but I reckon she didn't realise how much further ahead we were because we were running and then lost us so turned round and went back to the farmplace where she goes during the day!! Little minx.

I had just run up the third of the masssive hills and then had to turn round and go and fetch her,e thn run it again! Knackered. I'll be watching her closely at that bend next time I can tell you.

Anyway, I'm off out to meet friends in the pub tonight so will go now- have a great weekend everyone.


Cath said...

Sounds like a nice day at work - as you say it would be great to do that more often.

Your run sounds knackering - tired me out reading it! Shelagh made me laugh, running back to the farm :)

Well mrs it's almost day 100 - I hope you're celebrating big style down at the pub.... you should have a whole extra glass of water to celebrate!


Cath said...

Well it's now day 100 for you.

Well well done - you've done amazingly well!


chrismars said...

Oh wouldn't i be great to have that kind of 'work' to do everyday - and in such lovely weather. We went for a similar walk in a country park on Monday when we went out for John's birthday, so I was walking it with you as I read.

What do you mean Shelagh got lost? Of course she didn't! It was you who lost her! So what does she do? She trots off to the farm to await your return. She knew exactly what to do. A very clever dog,

Have a good weekend, Lesley.

Chris x

Mrs said...

Hi Lesley

What can you say about dogs? They're so cheeky and that's why we love them.

As Chris says, she's one smart dog!

Have a lovely weekend (have also left a comment about your last foundation evening). Amazing.

Mrs L xxxxxxxxxx