Saturday, 14 April 2007

Day 92 -9

Had a day working from home as I was due to leave for London in the evening and felt guity about leaving the dog all weekend how sad is that?! Worked quite hard but I must admit that I headed into town around lunchtime and hit Matalan!! Stocked up on the white jeans and a few tops, and some cropped khaki trousers and some shoes and some more shoes.....I couldn't seem to stop but only spent about £50 so not too bad!! It's a revelation being able to fit into anything I try on. In fact the white jeans were size 16!!!

I also had a quick hair cut and new nail polish so am proper girly now.

Then the long drive down to London town -which would have been fine if people hadn't kept phoning me everytime I made a quick stop for petrol or to check directions - had 3 conversations adding about an hour to my journey 'cos each time I had to stop as no hands free!

Natalie was well impressed by the weightloss as she hasn't seen me since before Christmas. We had a look as some serious chin laden photos from my last trip to the Smoke. Can't believe I didn't realise how bad I'd got.

She's just come back frm the trip of a lifetime in South-east Asia and Australia so we got about half way thorugh her fantastic photos. Awesome - I must go!! That is going to be the aim for a couple of years' time.

Anyway, got up early this morning, Saturday and went for a jog. Boring really 'cos no hills and no green - just pounding the streets of Kensington. Still 35 minutes and feel very fresh. Now checking out blogs while Nat gets herself up and ready (not a morning person). and then off to the spa!!

Small things to be happy about:- Nat's skimpy guest towel wrapped all the way round me!! And, I could fit into the Hilton bathrobe on the back of the door (don;t think she nicked - think she used to be a chambermaid there years ago....!!). Its a brave new world indeed


Cath said...

Size 16 jeans woooohoooooo!!!

Bet it was a great feeling seeing your friend again and watching her see the change in you.

Enjoy the spa and the rest of your weekend --- oh the pampering :)


chrismars said...

See, I told you it wasn't so much fun pounding the streets of ol' London Town......

I think I must make a trip to Matalan. I normally pick up a few things for Lizzie there but hardly ever look for myself. Maybe now's the time.

Hope you had an enjoyable spa. Have a safe journey home.

Chris x

chrismars said...

Lesley, I've just seen your comment re my comment a few days ago about us all meeting up sometime down the line. I'm glad you agree and I think we can definitely put us two down at the top of the list. Me? Have car, will travel. We'll have to put it to everyone else soon.

Chris x

White Rose Boy said...

Enjoy your weekend.

I think when people who haven't seen us for a long time comment on the weight loss its a real boost.