Firewirks over Sydney Opera House

Firewirks over Sydney Opera House

Sunday, 22 April 2007

Developing 1!!

It seems the April showers have arrived just in time! It's been a bit cold here and alternately sunny and cloudy but with the odd little shower. I find it quite reassuring when the weather does what it's supposed to!

Had my french class this morning which went well. She's a really nice woman and always comments on the changes she can see - I haven't been for a couple of weeks and she said it's very noticeable. The french is going well, I just feel like I'm coming on and words and phrases come to me more naturally now.

Got home and arranged to meet Jenny and the kids in Buxton. Kirsten couldn't make it as she has what sounds like a killer cold (which I didn't fancy catching!!). Now, I thought I knew Buxton, having lived only half an hour away from it for over 12 years! It appears not. How can I never have been to the Pavilion Gardens and wandered through all the little poncey shops and galleries? It was great. We had a lovely time buying moderately expensive knick knacks and prints and keeping the childrens' fingers out of even more expensive places!

Then, when their patience with shopping was exhausted (after a surprisingly long time in my opinion) we walked back through the Gardens to the playground and had a chat while they played. I had a bit of fun with the camera too. Jen is like most mums, lax in getting her camera out, but likes it when I take piccies of her chicks.

Jen was also a total star and brought a big bag of clothes that she wore after her kids and before she lost the baby weight. She wasn't hopeful that I'd like anything but I had a good pick through and found some good bits which will really pad out my wardrobe for another few weeks. The exciting thing about the selection is that it's all in size 16!!

I'm officially a size 16!! There's clothes from M&S, Tesco, Next, Debenhams, all sorts, and I can fit into all the 16's. Wow. It has been one hell of a long time.

Went to the pub this evening and had a nice quiet Sunday evening drink which was very enjoyable. It was all blokes this evening and I was getting one or two inappropriate questions by the end - concerning the reduction in my bra size!! Apparently a source of some regret although there seemed to be a consensus that other improvements outweigh the downside. It was very funny though - not seedy or anything.

I think it's because I've been really open about the diet and what I'm doing and have told people what I've lost as I've gone along (although not my start weight - although it wouldn't be beyond the wit of man to work it out roughly). So my mates and the locals feel they have some investment or interest in the results. It keeps me on the straight and narrow, that's for sure. If I so much looked at a packet of crisps (which, of course, I would never do!) I would be wrestled to the ground I reckon. That's village life for you!

So, work tomorrow but it's been a lovely weekend and I feel really content and serene. D's back on Thursday which I'm looking froward to as well. We should then be able to really get motoring on the DIY and garden projects.

Have a good one everyone.


Aimeerebecca said...

Lesley you look so slim in that picture with you and the kids, and your skin is glowing! Well done on the size 16's, what size are you aiming to be in at your goal? Also what happens now you're in development, do you have to add proper meals now. Sorry for all the questions!!
Aimee x :) x

Melanie said...

(*(*(*(* SIZE 16 *)*)*)*)

That means you are now in with the Average woman in Britain! That must be such a good feeling, getting into a size 16 I'll probably cry in the changing rooms when that happens to me. I look forward to being out of sizes begining with a 2.

It's weird really, but I keep trying to imagine in my mind how I'm going to feel being slim, I get quite emotional sometimes thinking about it, but in a nice way that I really know that I will get there.

I'm looking forward to going to Alton Towers later in the year, and not getting all panicky before getting on the ride in case I don't fit like on Oblivion, when it took two of the staff there to wedge the harness shut cause I was too fat.

It's so nice seeing your photo's, I can't believe how much you're changing.

Well done,
Mel x

Kittycat said...

You look amazing in your photos Lesley you really do, Congratulations on the size 16, that's wonderful news.

I love the picture of the sheep all lined up, what a great shot.

Sorry I haven't caught up with the rest of your blog but my brain seems to of taken a vacation and my concentration levels are at an all time low.

I didn't get an email off you, I've checked the junk folders and you're not in there. Just double check my email address, it's

Well done,

Steph x

katelle said...

Lesley you have done so well, you are a real inspiration!! I am hoping to start LL soon, I have my appointment with the doctor tomorrow although I am dreading it as he is a bit of a fuddy duddy! I went to see him once regarding taking Reductil (weight loss drug) and he made me feel like a child and as much as told me to get my act together and "just eat sensibly" - If only it was that easy!!
Anyway..Well done you! You have done really well and look fantastic, If I can do as well as you I will be over the moon!

Lesley said...

Hope you do alright Katelle! Just remember - the doctor works for you, not the other way around! Keep us posted.

Lesley x

Sandra said...

Wow! A 16...
Your legs, in particular, look really slim in the photos.

I don't know if I could cope if everyone knew about my diet. I'm secretly hoping that people will start to notice independently but so far the only people who have said anything are the ones who know. I suspect when I get back from a month away in NZ, it will be more obvious for the people I work with.