Monday, 16 April 2007

Day 94 Ham House

I don't like thisi new Blogger thing when you upload photos - instead of seeing the piccies while you're typing, all you get is a load of computer goobledegook. You just have to trust that it'll be alright when you actually post it.

Anyway, these are the piccies from Sunday at Ham House in Richmond. It was a gorgeous place and the paintings, furniture and history stuff was fascinating too. I would highly recommend it for you southerners if you haven't already been. And the setting is gorgeous, right on the Thames so loads of places for picnics etc. Not as busy as Hampton Court but every bit as interesting (although no maze - booo).

Anyway, Nat and I had a really lovely day being cultured and walked miles so felt virtuous too. Then, of course, the bad bit - the 4 hour slog up the motorway. It wasn't so bad yesterday though - I had the top down on my little Peugeot 207cc and enjoyed the warmth and the sunshine.

Shelagh was pleased to see me which made me feel guilty but she does enjoy it where she goes when I go away. I drop her off at a retired farmer and his wife at the end of a lane in the hills just outside the village we live in. She goes there during the day when I'm at work and D is on the rig too so she knows them really well and they let her into their kitchen and living room so no nasty kennels or anything for our spoilt little princess!!

The farmer and his wife are quite funny actually. Their son has told us in the pub that they're dotty about Shelagh and how unusual that is for them as he said they have been totally unsentimental about animals throughout their lives. You know the country thing - "a dog is a working animal" etc etc He can't belive what they let Shelagh away with and apparently their daughter has been mortally offended as her Dad (the farmer) told her that he prefers our dog to her new puppy!! I can imagine how that went down! She sits on his chair in the kitchen and they even bought her a little doggie Christmas stocking which was more than we did!! Not what you'd expect of a proper old-school Derbyshire hill farmer at all!!

Today I came up to pick her up and found her in the utility room surrounded by 3 tiny little orphan lambs who are poorly and have to be hand fed. She's not keen as they take up her space but she doesn't bother them or anything and after a few days they play together.

Anyway, enough of this blathering about dogs. Diet was fine down in the smoke and am feeling much slimmer in my new kit (Matalan Queen, me). I've belatedly discovered Earl Gray too - much nicer than ordinary tea without milk so that's my new treat for when others around me are snacking. I took my bar to Ham House though so was able to join Nat in a tea and bar (she had a gorgeous looking flapjack but you can't have everything!).


chrismars said...

Oh, don't tell me there's a new way to download photos. You know I've only just sussed out how to do it the old way!!!! You look mighty slim and healthy in your photos though.

Glad you had a good time down here in 'the smoke'. It does have some lovely places to go to, doesn't it.

Chris x

Sandra said...

I used to love Earl Grey but had it with milk so not sure if I could cope with it black. I can do coffee but tea is difficult for me.

Have you heard about the changes where we have to introduce milk in week 13 for one week? Our LLC said we should avoid going back to old ways but I'm looking forward to one week of having lattes again... And I'm sure I can go back to black after that treat week.

Lesley said...

Hi Sandra - no I haven't learned about the milk ban being relaxed. Sounds very weird. As I'm in week 13 though am somewhat miffed that it hasn't filtered through to me!! Will ask my LLC at our last Foundation weigh-in on Thursday night.

Cath said...

Photos are gorgeous, you look lovely in them.

Never tried Earl Grey, still only tried the peppermint tea really.

Glad you had such a lovely time :)