Firewirks over Sydney Opera House

Firewirks over Sydney Opera House

Thursday, 5 April 2007

Day 84 - 17 Weigh in time again

What a gorgeous day it's been. Went into work early as I was disappearing at lunchtime for a freebie game of golf! Could not have picked a better day for golf. It was a charity golf day up at a course I don't know near Bradford and it was a really lovely course. Quite hilly with fantastic view of the Calder Valley. Played terribly but marginally better than last Wednesday so there's hope for my summer. One of the guys I was playing with nearly didn't recognise me from various golf days last summer. He couldn't get over the difference in me which was pretty flattering.
Anyway, couldn't stay for the meal which was probably a blessing as the dining room looked good and the smells from the kitchen as I left were heavenly! Dashed down the M1 to my weigh in and have lost 3 lbs this week. Not remotely disappointed as I'm now on the downward slope and 3lbs is respectable.
We were talking about where we are on the line of our journey - and conveniently I know exactly where I am - just over halfway! Then we each talked about what it will mean to us to finish out journey and what we would feel if we didn't. Brought out some of our fears about Maintenance and also our fears tht we may regain the weight. The Counsellor kept saying that the best way not to regain it is to keep coming to be weighed and keep track of weight, not let it creep back on. I must say, for the first time I think I agree with her and am going to do just that! Also, I'm going to keep a Maintenance Blog.
My feelings about sucess are just intense - I'm so grateful tht I found this diet and the strength to start it and I'm so positive about the future. I don't think I would be facing the potential move to France with such equanimity without the additional confidence LL has brought. Also I'm hopeful that D and I will be able to start a family once I've lost the wieght. We've left it late and it has never been a good time but I think now may be our time and I hope biology doesn't put a stumbling block in the way. If it does though, I hope we can accept it with good grace. So, big stuff going on on this Maundy Thursday...
So, that's positive plans I've made to help me over the trauma of something that won't be happening for months!! Silly but it makes me feel a bit happier. She also told us to try and get our heads round the GI diet as she has found that the most effective way of maintaining once we're back to food. So will buy a book and absorb that too. Like doing my homework....a proper girly swot me...
Anyway, enough navel gazing - have a Happy Easter all (it can be good without chocolate!) and hope you have good weight losses! Karen - where are you hiding? Come on girl - you can do it!!


Melanie said...

Hey Lesley,

Glad you liked my french post, even better that you understood it, I certainly didn't. Like I said, I cheated and used online translator, my french was erased from my memory when I finished my GCSE's!

Golf isn't a sport I've ever really tried, other than the crazy kind. I'm not very good at that. I always seem to have difficulty working out which way round I want to do it, being left handed I find I try to do it back to front.

It's really lovely reading your blog talking about life after weight loss, it's nice because you have less to lose than you have already lost, and really on the home straight. I have been toying with the idea of using something like WW to sort the last stone out and use as maintenance. Still seems a long way off yet though, will think about it closer to the time.'d make such a yummy mummy, and you'd be so healthy by then too. I still can't decide about a second child, Jacob is a delight but I can't imagine having two children. Still, enough time to think about it so I'm putting it to the back of my mind for now.

I'm an only child and it never did me any harm so I'm sure Jacob would manage.

Have a good Easter!

Love Mel x

Cath said...

Well done on another great weight loss, it's all adding up and you'll soon be at your target now.

I think the idea of a maintenance blog is very good - gives you a good means of monitoring how you are doing.

Oooh mummy thoughts coming in now - that's lovely to hear. Hope that all goes well in that department and you and D end up with a gorgeous bundle of joy!


Wendy said...

Well done you!! Good to hear you're still losing but also thinking about the future. I think I have pretty much decided that I will carry on to maintenance and if necessary go weekly to be weighed. Seems people who have the most success follow this route too.

Hope you're having a fab weekend!

Wendy x

chrismars said...

Hey!, all this navel gazing is a real help to me. I do still miss the counseling with LL and it hepls to follow my green book - and your musings - so keep them up! OK!

I'm now at the same point you are - just over halfway. My ticker shows I want to get down to 10st but I may not actually try for that as when I got to 10.12 a few years back Dad said I looked too skinny (as if!). Friends have said I shouldn't go that low. But that may all be academic - see more in my blog.

I like the idea of a family - and you know what they say, "A new home, new baby". So what will a new home and new country give you? A multiple birth?

Don't worry about being too old. I was 38 when Lizzie was born. Not entirely through choice - I had to have 3 IVF attempts before I fell, but we didn't start trying until I was in my 30's. I knew I had gynae problems, but I didn't realise how dire until we started trying. But we have her now and I must admit it is tiring at times being older parents but when Lizzie and John get together it's like having two 12 years-old, not one (he's 56 nearly)!!!!

Your comments about Maintenance and regaining weight are all too relevant to me at the moment (as per my blog). I'm looking at the moment at the GI route but am gradually reintroducing foods to remain in ketosis for as long as possible and come out slowly so as not to put too much on.

Speak soon, have a good weekend.

Chris x