Tuesday, 17 April 2007

Day 96 -5

Just 5 more days left of Foundation but I must admit that, beyond hitting the number, it's not that exciting as I know I'm just going to carry on with the 4 foodpacks for another few months until I've lost all the weight I want to. Still, my weigh-in night will change and so will the group so I'll probably meet some new women and share some new experiences so that'll be good.

Had a reasonable day at work - finally got round to re-potting my triffid-like pot plant which had grown giant arms which were taking over my desk so that felt good. Was surprising how many people commented on the newly potted plant - there can't be taht much going on in Rotherham if that is a topic of conversation - lol!

Got back and took the dog on a walk with a mission - booked a service at the local garage (my car, not me), sorted out my next few golf dates down at the club and dropped a card in to a friend who has been bereaved. Felt very efficient and nice doing things on foot rather than in the car. The dog enjoyed it too but not the part where she's left outside!

Back home, full of energy and cleared the kitchen; the plant re-potting must have opened a floodgate or something! I've even done my french homework which I usually leave 'til the morning of the class!!

Nothing much else to report so will get on with some checking of blogs before I veg in front of the TV show, "The Biggest Loser". Love it - love watch the lbs melting off them before our eyes!


chrismars said...

Even though you'll be continuing on the foodpacks after the 100 days it is still an amazing accomplishment. I'm looking forward to hearing what happens next within the sessions. You don't have counselling as per Foundation any longer, do you? Pity I haven't been able to get that far (but then I think of the £66.00 I save each week and I don't feel so bad

Chris x

Sandra said...

It's brilliant following on behind you. I'll look forward to hearing how development goes. I'm going through a positive point at the moment and really enjoyed a mug of hot chocolate for dinner. Yum! It's not so bad...

Cath said...

Wow only 5 days to go --- that 100 days is like a magic number, and though I know you (and I for sure) are carrying on after the 100 it does feel like such a major major milestone. I think you should spoil yourself on day 100 in some nice way .... and I don't just mean by having ice in your water!

You're full of energy now aren't you - that really does show in all of your posts .... from walking to potting and now even doing homework ---- you'll be doing other peoples ironing next ... and I'm first in the queue to give you that.

Have a good day.


Lesley said...

Never, never will U enjoy or take on ironing voluntarily!! I only ever iron the item I'm about to wear and then only after trying it on to make absolutely sure that I can't get away with not ironing it!!

I am resolutely anti-ironing and always will be - energy or no energy....

Think you hit a nerve there Cath!

Lesley x

bkirsty5 said...

You have done so so well to come as far as you have. You should be proud of yourself.
Kirsty xx

Aimeerebecca said...

Hi Lesley thanks for your lovely comments on my blog you always have something good to say and it always cheers me up to get a nice message from you :)
I'm loving the new pictures, where you live is so beautiful. The one of you in front of the purple flowers is really nice you look really healthy and you can really see how you've lost weight off your face as well :)