Saturday, 7 April 2007

Day 86 -15 Holy Saturday

Had to get up early and race to my french lesson this morning. It was a beautiful drive through the grounds of Chatsworth House as you can see and I managed to snap a pheasant in full sunshine before he raced off although unfortunately I snipped the end off his tail dammit! I got loads of him without cutting his tail off but none as good or with his face in full sunshine....grrr...must try harder. The lesson was good and I feel as though I'm making progress. She's always very complimentary about my weight so the lesson always starts well if nothing else!

Came back, worked in the garden and then finished off with a walk from Hope which you can also see above. I love it when the lambs are born and you can watch them playing together and badgering their mothers. Really cute and brings it home to you that summer is not far away.

I experimented by having 2 packs together for lunch as I had not had time for breakfast before french. Thought it would stave off hunger pangs but didn't - was peckish all day and still have this pesky urge to snack!!" Think it's because I'm really feeling the difference in my weight now and am feeling very happy at this weight. Historically, this is the stage where I start to get comlacent on a diet and to drift off it. I'm determined not to sabotage myself like that this time so must be stricter with myself. Really, all the gains I have made are so precarious and I must not let this great thing slip away!!

So, spring is here which is great, but don't get carried away Missus and forget that you still have a job to do! That's the message for myself this Holy Saturday! (Did you know that today isn't Easter Saturday but Holy Saturday - Easter Saturday is next week apparently - learn something new every day....)

I'm off out again tonight but hopefully will be a bit quieter than last night when I ended up cramming 8 people of varying drunkenness into D's car (a big jeep which should only hold 7) and dropping them off round the countryside at 1am!


Cath said...

Gorgeous photos Lesley.

I don't think you'll drift off this diet, you're going ahead really strongly and seeing the benefit of it. That's the joy of this diet in that you see the results quickly.

Hope you have a great night out tonight.


Angelica Maybe said...

Hi Lesley, thanks for your comments on my blog. you were obviously at Chatsworth at the point I'd lost the will to liveo n the A6 and turned off for Black Rocks and the High Peak Trail. As we had planned to go their initially!

You've done amazingly well on LL, an inspiration to me who is just in Day 10 today. I'm less counting of days now which must be a good thing and focus on other things like exercise.

Have a great Easter weekend (well what remains anyway)

Sarah :-)