Wednesday, 18 April 2007

Day 97 -4

Had a solid day at work. I'm in sleep mode at the moment so am really struggling to wake up in the mornings however early I go to bed! Still, I have flexitime so it's not fatal if I'm a little later in than usual.

I had one major thing to do today (a million other things siting on my desk but I was determined to wade through this one document). It was long and quite dull and dry (well, I'm a solicitor so what do I expect, James Bond??). I had to force myself to sit still and not check blogs every few minutes but eventually I crawled my way through this deadly dull agreement and by 4pm had a letter typed up and various other attachments neatly copied and in an envelope to go out. I felt very pleased with myself as that document has been hanging over my head for a week now and it could have still been there for a lot longer if I hadn't taken the bull by the horns.

That is one of my major failings - I'm a procrastinator. Hence why I'm so proud that I didn't let myself wriggle out of this one or make the task linger on for another day!!

Got home and went for a jog with Shelley and Shelagh. We went on a new route which was quite long, nearly an hour with a few hills but not massive ones. I was pretty tired at the end but felt good. sshelley has just purchased new jogging gear (for her 40th!!) so all I could see were these skinny thighs just ahead of me- was good (no, I'm not that way inclined - lol!!) - I was thinking "hey - I can't be that slow, I can nearly keep up with those skinny thighs!! Go girl!!

Now home and going to have another quiet night catching up with the laundry and cuddling the dog as usual. Weigh in tomorrow and not feeling too hopeful of a big loss so might have to do my emergency last minute jog like I did last week!!


Wendy said...

Wow, look at you looking all fab in your new clothes! Sorry I've not kept up with you this week, work has got in the way.

Can't believe you're nearly at the end of the 100 days! Its gone so quickly (well, to me reading, anyway).

Those pics are great, especially love the one of Shelagh snogging you, lol.

Hope you have another good week this week.

wendy x

Melanie said...

Hi Lesley,

Have looked through all your latest pictures and wow do you look good or what? You look so slim and trim it's unbelievable how different you are, and in such a relatively short space of time too!

Good luck for the weigh in tomorrow, and remember, don't focus on how much you've lost in a week, think about the huge total you've lost in 100 days!

You'll be running marathons before we know it!

Take care,
Mel x

Sandra said...

Since I've been reading your blog and noticed you do a bit of running, I've put some into my rutine. I had actually cut out cardio from my life when I started LL. I have been a gym member for years and did about 4 sessions of cardio a week at the weight I was and I thought the low calories wouldn't sustain it. So I started focusing on weights and resistance. But hearing about you running has made me rethink.

I've signed up for a 5 km run in September and have started the training to get to running 5km. So thanks!