Monday, 23 April 2007

Developing 2

I feel really sad this evening 'cos I had an unsatisfactory telephone conversation with OH. Didn't row exactly but he was snappy and critical and I got cheesed off and distant. It wasn't resolved because there were people in the office with him and I was going jogging. I'm sue he'll phone later and we'll sort it out then. It is difficult sometimes when you're far apart and don't know what other things are affecting each other.

Also, I've just read Steph's latest post (Kittycat) and feel really sad for her about her dog Mya.

But, when I analyse the day, I've had a really good day and achieved loads so I think my teariness must a result of TOTM or something.

Went shopping at lunchtime (it's getting far too frequent this shopping business - I never used to do it this often!). Need some new bras as mine (purchased in mid February) are hanging off me and doing nothing for me at all. I was originally a 42DD or E and am now a 36E!! 36!! It's a long time since I've been one of those. I noticed that when you come down below 38, the bras go from having 3 hooks to 2 - much neater and less industrial looking!

While out and about, I also picked up a new pair of running leggings and a matching vest. They're both Nike and very fitted (size 16's), much cooler than the baggy polo shirt and saggy leggings I've been running in to date.

Went out with Shelley and Fran on a longish circuit and we seemed to be going quite a bit faster than we have been going. We were talking as we ran up the hills even and at the end were discussing whether we shold sign up for a 10km run so as to have something to aim for. Think we'll try for the Worksop 10km which is run round Clumber Park and is reasonably flat. The runs round our way are more like fell races!!

Well, I seem to have talked myself into a better mood so I think it's safe to go downstairs, make up my last foodpack of the day and watch what I think is the finale of The Biggest Loser (unless they're going to string it out over 2 episodes...).

Have a good night everybody and big hugs to Steph.

Lesley x


SoonBeSlim... It's True! said...

Hope you have managed to end with a nice conversation with Hubby and not raided any food cupboards?

The new pictures look fab, but know aht you mean about the desire to shop!

Congrats on the Size 16's


about to slim said...

Fantastic a size 16!!!Thats great news You have to keep this great work up!Just to let ya know i went to the intro meet last night and got my forms for the doctor to fill in,I went to see her today toset her signature,but she wouldnt sign it off completely just because my blood pressure is high!! Alhough she has now put me on meds for it.So it looks like i might not be able to do it,Boo Hoo!But my L/L counsellor is going to ring her to talk it through.Fingers crossed x
keep it going it'll be a 14 next time ya go shopping.
Vix xx

Cath said...

All I can say to arguments on the phone is ARGGHHH - I hate them. When hubby (think it's about time I called him Ste) and I were first going out with each other and we'd speak on the phone I hated it. He's still not the worlds greatest on the phone (20 years later) but you get those times when the air just isn't right and nothing sounds right, and you hear what's not really there or you don't hear what is there .... nope it's easier just to say goodbye with a kiss when it's going like that and try again the next day. Don't let it worry you, it'll be over with in a flash and you'll be all loving again.

Oh the shopping bug has hit you bad style --- enjoy it. I think we're making up for all the times we couldn't / didn't want to shop. Love the fact that you're in a 36 - that is just fabulous.... have to get D to buy you all the nice little bras now :)

You're gonna be the smartest and lovliest runner on the block -- I think you should go for the 10km run ..... would be an amazing achievement.

Well done.


Mrs said...

Ah, the joy of the long distance relationship. I am sure you will patch it up later; face to face, we can resolve things so more quickly.

You look so lovely in your photos - positively glowing.

Mrs L xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Lesley said...

Hi Vix

According to the LL headquarters you should be able to the diet if your blood pressure is high as losing weight is the best way to bring it down!! I hope your counsellor manages to persuade your doctor of that fact. Everyone in my group has seen their BP come down except me, for whom it was ok and has now gone up!!? But everyone, LL HQ, my LLC, my doc, various BP organisations etc all agree that I'm a freak!

So, the likelihood is that, if you do the diet, your BP will come down dramatically.

Be a bit assertive and tell the doc what you want - they can often be persuaded if you stand up for yourself.

Good luck and fingers crossed.

Lesley x

Claire Silverton soon to be Mrs Elliott said...

Hi Lesley

Thanks for the support, it's much appreciated. Just got myself to the stage where I can now start reading blogs again without getting too devastated!! Well done on the size 16 that's fantastic. Loved the black and white top, you look great. Can't believe the difference. Hope things go ok with OH, sure they will though!!


Claire x

Melanie said...

Hi Lesley,

Glad you liked my shrinking photos, it's a shame you didn't do any, but agree it wouldn't be wise to put the weight back on just for the photo's.

Sorry to hear about your phonecall with hubby, must be nice having plenty of time to yourself but at the same time, it can't be easy to be apart for such long periods of time.

Not being together, you don't know what mood either is in, can't judge what kind of day the other has had, when you pick up the phone you have no idea as to what kind of reception you're going to be greeted with. It can't be easy for either of you, hope everything is better now.

Chin up sweetie x x