Wednesday, 4 April 2007

Day 83 -18 Spring has sprung!

Well, I'm back to England and isn't it gorgeous? Lovely weather and beautiful scenery. We went for a walk this evening when I got back from work and the dog had a fine time swimming in the river after her sticks and ignoring the ducks and sheep. She's a bit of a coward so if a sheep looks at her a bit sideways she's right back to Mum and Dad!

I've been really hungry today but have powered through with my water and not given in to temptation. To be honest, I think it's my own fault. I had a few mouthfuls of chicken and a crust of bread last night when really tired with low resistance. Not sure why but suspect it was some crooked thinking around the idea that I've been really good in France and "deserved" a treat or something!!

Just goes to show that you can do the hard stuff like a weekend in France and then fall down in your own familiar kitchen!! Anyway, I'm not going to beat myself up about it. It wasn't exactly a big blowout or anything - but I'm going to make sure that it doesn't become a habit and that's why I'm pleased that I've resisted temptation today.

The thing is, once you've given in once, it's a lot harder to resist the next time the idea to snack pops into your head. Still, what doesn't break you makes you stronger... And, learning to cope with temptation is more important than losing weight fast in the long run.

Another strange thing happened today too: I was stopped today in the corridor by a youngish woman from work who I don't know at all. She's really pretty but a few stone overweight. She just launched straight into questions about the diet and that gave me the excuse to evangelise about Lighter Life. I think she may go for it and I hope so as she's young and only has 3 stone to go and it's her chance to save herself years if not decades of yoyo dieting. Fingers crossed eh?

Off to read some blogs and then bed....night night...


Melanie said...

Hi Lesley,

The photo's really show your weight loss, your face seems to be taking on a whole new shape, you're blooming like the daffodils.

Good luck at class (think it's tonight).

Mel x x

Ameythist said...

looking good :-)

Claire Silverton soon to be Mrs Elliott said...

Hi Lesley
Just caught up with your blog. Pics are excellent from France, you look amazing, I sneaked back to your original before photos and it is fantastic the difference, you must be over the moon. I know it sounds unorthodox however I'm sure the minor mishap with the bread will be fine and I agree the ability to let it be just once and get on with the plan makes you stronger and shows your staying power! Anyway, I'm so jealous about France it's fantastic to think you may live there one day... and slim too! Keep up the good work, was telling J tonight at class about how much you had lost and she said it's probably a record for a lady!! Well done :)

Cath said...

Lesley you've got the right attitude about the minor slip... it's happened, it's done, don't beat yourself up about it and look to the future where you try not to do it again. I think that this is where my mindset about this diet has changed - I know that if I 'slipped up' on another diet I'd beat myself up and constantly berate myself until I felt that low that I'd just keep doing it ..... but not any more!

Photo's are lovely and you can see a difference. No wonder the woman on the corridor stopped you - hope she does do it.