Sunday, 25 March 2007

Day 73 -28 Here comes the sun!

Dolly Parton was fab last night! I'm not a big Country fan or anything although do like all sorts of music and, with an Irish husband, have to have a certain amount of tolerance for it! I was keen to see her though as she's such a phenomenon! She didn't disappoint. She was such a larger than life character it almost felt as though she wasn't real even though I could see her tiny slim little form on stage in front of me - a most surreal expreience. Of all the live acts I've seen she was the most human and most impressive - even though I wouldn't say her music is my favourite. Her voice is amazing though - really powerful yet pure and the range from full bodied stuff to barely whispering was brilliant.

Anyway we had a good night but I had to drag D home when I crashed at midnight (actually 1am due to the clocks going forward). Why is it that men always want that last pint?? Why can't they see that the evening is over and it would bebetter to end it standing?! Still, it was easier to leave than usual so maybe the training is working!

I've had a really busy day today. Was up early to go for a run with Shelley and actually got there but she cancelled so I gratefully seized on the excuse and came home to catch up with ebay and chores before french. To be honest, after my mega run yesterday I wasn't really looking forward to it and was only going because I'd made an arrangment. Phew!

Then, off to my French tuition. Definitely making progress which is good as we're off to Limoges for the weekend next week! I hope I can manage to book hotel rooms and meals etc. The most useful phrase I've learned so far is " je suis en regime" meaning (you've guessed it) "I'm on a diet"!

Back from french and straight out to meet my friend Jenny and her kids. It was a lovely afternoon and we went for a walk along a stream in Hayfield. Very pretty and relaxed. The kids love Shelagh and she is getting better at paying attention to them. Having not been brought up with kids she is a bit nervous of them (doesn't help that our friends' child (who was old enough to know better) used to bash her across the nose and then they'd wonder why Shelagh growled at her)! Nightmare. Anyway, these kids are great with her and today they really seemed to be playing well together chasing sticks and paddling in the stream in their wellies- idyllic stuff.

Now I'm home, checking on the blogs and running a bath for when D's supper of gammon, egg and chips is ready!! Don't want to have to witness or smell that so the vanilla flavour candles will be out in force!

It's been a good weekend: targets for next week?

Apply for a remortgage so we can get cracking on the loft conversion (all part of the moving to France plan). I have my blood presure check up so hopefully I will be able to look into restarting personal training. The jogging is great but I want to tone up as well. Want to get my arms and bum in good shape!

Then - we're off to La Belle France for the weekend - weird thinking that I won't be able to have any of the normal food goodies I associate with France but it should be good anyway and great to spend time with D away from chores etc.

Have a good 'un and keep on keeping on!!


Mrs said...

Hi Lesley

I just wanted to say hello (finally got a gmail account) and let you know how inspirational I have found your blog.

I am also doing LL (four weeks tomorrow) and I have one fundamental question - where do you get your energy from? Your running is ... inspiring! I find that I am absolutely shattered at the weekends and, apart from walking the dog for about an hour and a half, don't have much get up and go for anything else. Any advice?

Thanks for being so honest in your blog; it really does make a difference and I have given details to my group too.

Keep up the motivational work!! And the photos are lovely,too.

Lesley said...

Hi Mrs!! - I'll have to reply to you here as no blog but thanks so much for your comment. I suppose I have always been quite active, even when I weighed as much as a small horse, so when the first lot of weight came off so quickly I really felt the benefit and my body now thinks this exercise malarkey is a doddle - lol!!

The other thing to do when you're starting out after a break or even as a newbie, is to set really low, achievable targets for yourself so that you will manage them. This means you don't get discouraged and also that it's not as hard to get off your backside and do stuff. If it's just a quick jog round the block or something, it's not as scary as a major jog or aerobics class! Then, when you've got used to getting out and about, gradually build up and you'll find you enjoy it! It's never as bad as you think it'll be before you start! I mean, no-one is as shocked as me to find me actually running! This is not normal behaviour for me but somehow I'm really enjoying it!

If you can take the dog out for an hour and half that's not bad though so don't beat yourself up!

Also, another good thing to do is to find a friend or other half who would go with you for a walk, run, bike ride, anything - if you set a date with someone it's a lot harder to break and more sociable too.

Whatever you do or don't do though - don't be hard on yourself - your body'll tell you what you need. I hope you get the bug though as it really makes you feel great and makes the hard work not eating worthwhile somehow!

Good luck and keep it up!

Lesley x

Wendy said...

Great pics, as always! You have some really lovely places for walks.

I really admire the way you manage to look so glam when you're out walking - I usually end up covered in mud and looking a fright!

Have a good week.

Wendy x

chrismars said...

Hi Lesley. Just caught up on the last 3 days. Glad you enjoyed the DP concert - and what did you wear in the end? Or, not telling??

I like the song titles exercise. Must start thinking of a few myself - altho' I'm not very good at remembering their names.

Question? Why are you doing a loft conversion if your moving to France?

Have a good day tomotrrow. Night, night...

Chris x

Cath said...

More lovely photos there Lesley, you'll have to get a LL album to put all the ones of you during your 'journey'. Be great to look back on.


Lesley said...

Hi Chris - we converted a small bedroom into a larger bathroom a while back so have to get a bedroom or 2 back in order to maximise value in the property so we can afford to buy the house in France out of equity!! That's why we'll not be moving 'til next year!! It's all v complicated.

Fat Karen said...

glad you had a good time - a bit of Dolly can't harm anyone! I've packed my gym stuff today and will be going at lunchtime as I'm soooo busy at work (not!). Wish the poor treadmill luck....!

Oiseau said...

Fab photo's once again, Lesley! Glad you enjoyed Dolly Parton - she's someone I'd really like to see too, even though I'm not a big Country fan either!

Thanks for the 'je suis en regime' by the way - I was wondering about how to say that for my trip this week. Have been meaning to dig my French dictionary out, so you've saved me a job there!!

Bet you can't wait for the weekend & getting to try out your French in-situ!

Ois xx