Friday, 2 March 2007

Day 50 -51

Well, I've got a Wedding to go to today and the bloody bride has stuck me with the job of official photographer! When I agreed I thought there would be another guy doing it too and that I would just be doing the candid shots of the guests etc. Now it turns out that he can't make it and I am it! Talk about pressure. So, in honour of the wedding I went out for a walk along the river bank this morning and tried a few new things to warm up. A bit arty eh?
It is a gorgeous sunny and crisp day. She must be the luckiest bride ever as it has been miserable and rainy here for days. That should help my job too. Actually having something to do will probably help me as well. D is away so I'll be single for the day which is fine but can get a bit tricky when all your mates are in couples. Also, I'm not eating or drinking so taking photos might help keep me busy and away from temptation.
It really is going to be a massive do though - practically everyone from the Valley is going so regardless of diet and not drinking I'm determined to have a great time. I'll post tomorrow and hopefully have a nice shot of me in my glad rags and tales of virtuous pleasure (if there can be such a thing!).

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