Wednesday, 28 March 2007

Day 76 -25

What a lovely day. I was up early to play golf but the mist and dew was so thick we were late getting out onto the course. Luckily only 20 minutes or so delayed or we wouldn't have been able to play. Once we got out the mist burned up and it was a gorgeous day - fresh, sunny, hazy and really pretty. I played like an absolute idiot but then I haven't played since before Christmas,

And that fact takes me onto my next point! Because I haven't played for so long, particularly since before I lost the 4 stone, it was really obvious how much easier it was to get round the course now that I'm slimmer. It was great . I was practically jogging up the hills and I wasn't knackered by the end of the 18 holes. Normally, I feel really stiff when I finish but today, straight home and straight to work, feeling fine.

It's good to see a new benefit of this diet and I think I'll need all the help I can get over the coming weekend in France so that set me off on a new list:- "Little things which are better now that I've lost 4 stone":

  • My wedding ring, engagement ring and watch now fit so I wear them all the time. I aways used to wear my wedding ring but even that was getting tight!
  • I have, for some reason, stopped biting my nails at the same time as I started the diet. Think it might be something to do with not snacking and breaking my oral fixation. As a result of having nice nails I now look after them and keep them painted so suddenly have nice hands!!
  • I can shop in M&S and Next. I even managed to buy an evening dress and a wedding outfit without trouble and in a couple of lunchbreaks.
  • Soon, I'm going to have an excuse to buy some seriously brilliant clothes. It's going to be great.
  • I've started selling stuff on ebay so now my house has a bit of spare wardrobe space and my bank balance has a few extra quid in it.
  • I can run nearly 6 miles without stopping, with hills!
  • I have loads more energy and am getting loads of chores done so my house is much nicer and my life is better run so I have more time to see my friends.

Thats all I can think of for now but it's pretty good for the time being!

Anyway, after work we went for a quick walk around the block and I took the snap above as it was so ethereal looking.

Have a good evening everyone.


Claire Silverton soon to be Mrs Elliott said...

Hi Lesley

Your list is inspiring to say the least, I'm dying to be able to buy stuff from next!! Your picture is lovely not sure what ethereal means but I'm sure it is an accurate assessment.. I walked 5 and a half miles today to my Mams house and thought of you when I was knackered on the way and how you can run! I need to start with small steps I suppose. 4 stones is fantastic no wonder it's easier on the course. Chris and I are going to start going to the Theatre, our salsa class finished tonight so we too are avoiding monotony! Have a good evening and day tomorrow. Claire :o)

Melanie said...

Hi Lesley,

Thanks for your comment on my less than cheery blog. Yesterday was the peak of a very long, tiring week.

What a wonderful blog yours was though, such a positive and inspiring list of things. I can tick off a few off them, feeling better in clothes and stuff, but I can't wait till I'm where you are with the diet.

You really do keep us all focussed and heading in the right direction. Seeing where you are just gives us all a thirst to get there too.

Take care,
Mel x x

Kittycat said...

Four stone, wow that is fabulous, amazing!! Well done.

What a wonderful picture, what camera do you have?

Lesley said...

HI Kittycat - it's a Canon Powershot which is a 'bridge' camera between the compact digitals and the heavy duty SLR's like the Canon Eos or Nikon SLR. Trouble is I love it but now want the Eos in time for my holiday to Canada in June! Want to be able to fiddle with massive lenses and look like a proper photographer!

Mrs said...

Hi Lesley

Thanks so much for taking the time to read the blog and for all your helpful tips. It's all really appreciated.

One thing I think you should add to your already fabby list is the fact that you have been inspirational for many LighterLifers and that is NOT to be underestimated. So when you go to France, we shall all be thinking of you and hoping you have a lovely time.

I keep telling my group how much benefit I get from reading everyone else's blog and I think they are getting the message.

Take care and enjoy your time away.

Mrs L (The Lard Arms) xxx

chrismars said...

I can't wear my wedding ring now without the engagement ring - I'd be afraid it would fall off. It's OK, I'm not slimmer than I was when I married at 20. I have a new wedding ring that John bought me for my birthday before last.

My watch (which has a leather strap) now slips round and I end up with the face on my inner wrist. I won't put it on a tighter hole as it feels good :)

My nails seem stronger and in better condition as well. I was thinking it must be because we're getting the correct vitamins and minerals.

These are great side effects of the diet, aren't they?

Chris x

Kittycat said...

Canon powershot, good choice. I recenetly splashed out on the Eos 5D, I couldn't help myself. I started out with the 350D put soon outgrew it.

I've got a full starter kit here, 350D, lenses, tripod, bag, filters, memory card that I want to sell but I'm having trouble parting with it, it's my baby and it taught me so much lol.

Be warned if you buy yourself an SLR you'll be addicted and it'll cost you a small fortune, but you'll have loads of fun :-))

Fat Karen said...

good luck for your weigh in tonight!


Cath said...

You even manage to make a round of golf sound good - and that takes some doing. As I was reading it I could just imagine you going roudn the course with a spring in your step.

I've also got gorgeous nails now too - even had manicures on them and like yourself have them painted ... no more feeling ashamed when signing things. My wedding ring which I got for my 10th wedding anniversary (almost 9 years ago) is really really loose and I'd be worried about wearing it if it weren't for my engagement ring ..... if only we could bottle the feelings that these things give us!