Tuesday, 27 March 2007

Day 75 -26

A much better day today and thanks for your great comments - very wise chicks we have here!

D came in from the pub last night and said that it was up to me what we did tonight - stay in, go out, do something different. Now, for a bloke who goes to the pub every evening this is a major departure. Obviously, giving me no notice whatsoever, it wasn't likely that I would find a great deal on but it's a start!

We didn't fancy any of the films on, well, I would have gone but D has strong views about films so I was a bit disappointed about that. But it ended up really nicely as we went for a good long walk from home to a neighbouring village in the late evening sunshine and then had a quiet couple of drinks in Hope which was probably better than haring into town to watch a film for the sake of it. Now I know though, I'm going to make sure we do something other than the pub most weeks and keep an eye out for films, theatre, comedy etc etc .

It was a busy day at work so, to be honest, an early evening was just what I was after.

I had my blood pressure check up this evening too - it's still high but we're leaving it for another month before taking action. The doctor was really impressed by my weightloss though and quizzed me extensively about the diet. He was so genuine about it I was quite touched. I think he's contemplating recommending the diet in other cases depending on how I keep the weight off! So I could be a test case in that surgery and hopefully other women will get to hear about this great life changing thing we're doing.

Anyway, that's it for now - want an early night as I'm playing golf tomorrow and need to get up early to get all my stuff ready. First game of the year as the weather has been so bad. Wonder if I'll remember how to play!?

Night night...


Fat Karen said...

Glad your doc was so interested - I really think LL should be prescribed on the NHS instead of GPs so readily referring people for gastric bands/bypasses.

It's great that you got to spend quality time with D but you're right, somewhere other than a pub will be a lot better and more interesting!

Golf - dunno how you do it!

Karen x

chrismars said...

Hi Lesley. I've not been able to get to the computer for a few days so only just caught up. So sorry to read of your row with D and glad to hear that things are back on an even keel. I liked what all the other girls were saying - yes, we are all a wise lot (I mean women as a whole). John and I have been Ok while I've been doing this. It did help, I suppose, the gap when I was ill and he had to take over certain things with Lizzie, and of course I was out of it realy for a while - taking to my bed etc. It must have brought out his nurturing side :)

Golf now! Is there no end to your physical capabilties?!?

Have a good day.

Chris x