Saturday, 3 March 2007

Day 50 - the wedding

Well, it was a beautiful wedding. really happy and lovely. Loads of friinds and family - no fights, gorgeous weather, lovely setting and nice food and drink. Well, I'm told that the food and drink were good although I didn't taste any of it! It certainly smelled good.
I had half a glass of champagne to toast the bride and groom but apart from that stuck to my soup and bar and water. I got the staff to heat up my soup and they brought it out to the table in a posh bowl and it seemed much better that way! It seemed to go on forever compared to drinking it out of a mug!
I had a really good time too - did a fair bit of dancing and obviously took loads of photos. I think I've established that I'm definitely a nature and scenery photographer - people are a pain, they keep moving and shutting their eyes!! I've got loads of good shots but I'm definitely no professional wedding photographer! Oh well, if they had really cared about polished photos they would have paid for a photographer. I'll do my best to put together a good album and some of my candid shots are great.
It wasn't too bad not eating and drinking. Loads of people made a real fuss about my weight loss and admired my willpower so that made it easier. Taking photos did help though as it kept me busy. It was probably harder being without D than not eating to be honest. Also, I'm seriously wondering whether I'll drink much ever again - I don;t seem to miss it much and I love feeling good in the morning!
Anyway - I did it so that's all that matters. I'm a bit knackered this morning due to the late night but I'm off to my parents later to talk to some friend of theirs who are living in France. I want to pick their brains about living over there.


Melanie said...

Wow, that photo looks really nice, you're doing so well!

I'm sure the bride and groom will be very happy with their wedding photo's.

You've inspired me, I'm going to kit us all out with some boots and next weekend (dry weather permitting) we're off to the local country park for a walk.

My 4 year old will love it, he's got more energy than he knows what to do with!

Have a good weekend, Mel.

Cath said...

Lesley you look gorgeous in that photograph - I'm glad you had a good day, I can imagine that it was really difficult going there alone and not eating & drinking ... well done on coming through it so well.


Lavonn said...

Thanks for writing this.