Firewirks over Sydney Opera House

Firewirks over Sydney Opera House

Thursday, 8 March 2007

Day 55 -46

A pretty good day all round. I stayed at my desk at lunchtime and did internet chores - found something to do on St Patrick's Day for D which was harder to do than I thought it would be. We'll just to go into an Irish pub in town which has bands on all day and see if any of our mates is up for coming with us.

I also booked our flights to Canada in June! Yay - now D definitely can't get out of it. We're going for just shy of 3 weeks and it'll be a ball. Going to Toronto, Ottawa and Nova Scotia so will see my family and also go to Niagara Falls and do loads of outdoorsy stuff in Nova Scotia like whale watching, hiking, kayaking etc. I'm wondering whether to upgrade my camera before we go. I mean, I like this one but would kill for a digital SLR with zoom lenses etc. We'll see.

Came home and went for a jog (more like a cross country run actually) with Shelley. It was really muddy but much nicer than being on the roads and Shelagh likes it better. Worked out about the same as the run to the Travelllers and back - about 3.5km - but hillier. Will try and find a longer route this afternoon as I'm working from home after my meeting in Manchester.

After our run we had the moment of truth with Shelley going through her wedding photos. She seemed really happy with them thank God! She said they were exactly what she was after as she didn't want loads of posed formal photos etc. She even said that I captured them are they are which I took as a great compliment. Actually, they are so natural that it would be hard not to but I was pleased that she is happy. I burned the photos onto a CD so she could take it home to Martin and peruse it at their leisure and no doubt we'll sort out an album in time. Phew!! I think I'll bow out of the wedding photography business on top - it's just too stressful!

The weight loss is showing some signs of movement but I'm not getting my hopes up for a great loss this week, I'll be gutted though if I have lost less than 3lbs, know I shouldn't be but just will be - it's a visceral thing! Fingers' crossed for me please!


Wendy said...

Fingers crossed here for you Lesley. You're doing so well, I'm really enjoying your blog and finding it a huge inspiration. Just think of the new clothes you can get to take to Canada and how fab you'll look ;o)

Wendy x

Melanie said...

Wow Canada, that will be so great. I'd love to go there, however I'm off to Spain in June and so excited, I know I won't be at target weight by then, but I'll still feel loads better than if I didn't diet. You'll be able to buy loads of lovely new clothes for going away, that in itself is incentive.

Keeping fingers crossed for you, and remember to listen to your own advice, it was you who told me :

TOTM really does make a difference, I lost 5lbs this week and only 3lbs last.

One bad week is usually followed by a really good one.

So stay focused, keep up the good work and you'll be just fine!

Mel x