Monday, 12 March 2007

Day 60 -41

Wow, those days are really flying past - 60 gone already! It's been pretty quiet day though. I've got back on the stright and narrow after the excitement of my non-LL veggie soup at the weekend!! Busy at work as ever and didn't manage to go swimming at lunchtime. I was to do some chores at lunchtime but kept on being dragged off to do some pesky work - I mean - how inconvenient is that!?

Then a quick walk with the dog when I got home and I've been on the computer pretty much ever since. Mostly ebay but also checking emails and reading everyone else's blogs! They're great - so inpirational.

I have been thinking what a cool collection of women we are: Melanie and her country walk(s); Christine who is so determined to suceed despite her lactose intolerance; Wendy who must have psoted more before she even started than most people do in a month!; Cath with all her swimming, walking and gardening; Claire who is just starting out but is going to get into a fabulous wedding dress, I just know it. And loads of others who don't necessarily have blogs themselves or who are just starting out but who pop in and leave great comments on mine and other peoples' blogs. What a good collection of women and how stupid that so many people underestimate women ( and men I suppose) who are not rake slim and don't always see how much we have to offer.

The other common theme which seems to run through all our blogs and comments is our motivation for dieting and how determined we are to do this for ourselves really - it's just time to get this sorted; for health, for children and for the positive things being slim would bring but not because we're generally unhappy, maybe because we know we can be happier! There is a difference and I think the difference is that we're all pretty effective in most things and don't want to fail at this one, admittedly very visible, aspect of our lives. Most of our partners would prefer us to be slim but that isn't the reason we're embarking on this journey - it's for us and our self esteem and the rest of our lives.

I'm not meaning to force an analysis on everyone which certainly isn't a 'one size fits all' thing, but it just seemed striking how similar we all are despite the obvious differences of ages, geography, jobs, backgrounds etc Here's to us all... and a big goodbye to those lbs of flab which are floating off into the ether or wherever shed flab goes....


SoonBeSlim... It's True! said...

I agree 100% with todays BLOG.

In such a short space of time I have recieved such support from a great group of people which to be honest I would not of believed. Family/Friends/Partners etc are great, however if they have never been on this treadmill it can be really hard for them to grasp the level of support we may need.

keep posting, it make me dream of the day when I will be on Day 60!


PS. you look fab in the evening dress too.

Claire Silverton soon to be Mrs Elliott said...

Hi Lesley,

I second Sams agreement, I feel part of a team now and have contacted a few 'bloggers' from your original blog, you're such a great inspiration, thanks for the support. I was feeling crap at 20 past 5 and now its 18:15 and I've not thought of food and feel much better after reading everyones posts! Keep up the good work, don't ever stop posting don't know what I would do, you have a group to support (just joking, no pressure) Claire :)

Wendy said...

Dang, my habit of talking wafflybollox has shown itself in my rambling in my blog!! LOL, I think its my way of keeping track and telling myself why I am doing this.

I agree Lesley, the support does help and its so good to know there are others out there feeling exactly the same and that we are all doing this for ourselves. It never fails to amaze me with the comments of support from complete strangers which makes me think, if I'm getting the support from my LL group, I've got the support of my friends, to have the added support of this mad, crazy world of blogging, I just can't fail!

It was actually your blog that inspired me Lesley, and when I'm having a crappy day, I read back through and see how you were feeling then and compare it to now, and I know it will get better.

Thank you ;o)

Wendy x

chrismars said...

If we look at our friends you see that you are attracted (in the main) to people who are similar to us in their thinking, morals, feelings, background, etc, etc,

Well this blogging lark is very much like that. We are making 'virtual friends' who all have the same feelings and mindset to achieve something that is important to each and every one of us.

Likes attract! Long may it continue. Best wishes to all my 'friends'

Chris xx

Oiseau said...

Well said Lesley, today's blog was spot on!

Kirsty x

Melanie said...'re officially elected our motivational speaker of the week.

That was lovely to read, thanks Lesley, everything you said was so true, and I believe being there for each other, be it by blogging is so good for all of us.

Thank you x