Firewirks over Sydney Opera House

Firewirks over Sydney Opera House

Sunday, 18 March 2007

Day 65 -36 St Patrick's Day

Hi there and a belated Happy St Patrick's day to you all. I'm not Irish but I suppose after being married to an Irishman for nearly 13 years it tends to rub off - mind you, I will be wishing you all a Happy St George's Day on 23 April too!!
I thought I had better prove that I do actually do all the running I talk about on the blog! I met up with Shelley at 10 yesterday (Saturday) and we set off up a massive hill! Nightmare - still, we got to the top then hit the fields and from then on had a lovely run. It was great being off the roads so Shelagh could flit betwen us and smell the smells in her doggie way. It's also good seeing new views of the Valley I live in although hopefully one day they won't all have my friend's backside in them (the views that is!). As you can see, she is a bit of a leggy girl so I don't keep up with her but I don't lag too far behind. On the upside I have way more willpower than Shelley so it is me who makes us get out there in the first place!
Anyway, the last photo is of me is running up Shelley's drive and I was well and truly knackered by then after about 4 very hilly and muddy miles!
But, no rest for the wicked (I wish - I'm far too virtuous these days..sigh..). Back home, shower, change and off to the footie. Another good session with Jimbo in the pub beforehand - watching him eat steak sandwich and chips (my traditional pre-match meal) and hashing over his disastrous love life. God knows what is wrong with him: a good looking, funny, personable, wealthy professional guy aged 39 with no ties who just can't seem to find a nice girl to settle down with?? What is going on with the single women out there?
Anyway, Sheffield Wednesday were comprehensively robbed of 3 points by a terrible refereeing display in the last 15 mintues. Made my blood boil but have managed to simmer down now. I know it's only a game etc etc but when you see blatent incompetence it just gets you down... Ended in a 2-2 draw with Wolves scoring the undeserved equaliser in the last couple of minutes....grrrr
Then, straight onto a pub in town to watch the rugby with D and our mates. D somewhat down due to Ireland being pipped at the post for the 6 Nations by France but reasonably philosophical. He's not as into sport as I am so consequently far better adjusted!
After that, on to an Irish pub for dancing and Guinness, or water in my case. It was rubbish and packed so we found another, slightly grotty Irish Centre which was totally authentic and had a fine time - or good craic as they would say...
The band was pants, the dance floor soaked with beer and the clientele a bit on the scary side but it was really good fun and for the second Saturday in a row I danced like a mad thing. D couldn't keep his hands off me which is quite unusual. He's not the most demonstrative of men but was dancing and holding my hand and putting his arm around me- got a little claustrophobic to be honest but I suppose he'll settle down - lol!
It is a bit difficult going to these things knowing you're going to stay stone cold sober and I do find it harder to be really lively without a drink but you can still have a really good time so not the end of the world. Actually I can be lively but need the odd break, whereas the booze used to help me power through - I also notice the pain in my feet more than I used to!! The good thing about not drinking is undoubtedly the waking up without a hangover and being able to drive home and not queue for an exorbitant taxi.
It is a bit odd for me though - I have spent ages wanting unconditional affection from D and am now getting the affection in spades, BUT only once I've lost the weight. I can see it from his point of view to a point and I know he always loved me even in the dark days but it is a bit galling when he lays it on with a shovel. Almost like he's emphasising what I wasn't before. I will talk to him about it as every time he says how gorgeous I am now it's like he is saying what a troll I was before. Now, I know that the picture is not that black and white. Still, I've always known that D is a B&W sort of guy whereas me, as a lawyer, I'm all the shades of grey.....
Makes the world go round. And, it's 300% better than it was. And, I'm just so happy for me that even a little angst doesn't really upset me - In fact, having re-read the above I've decided I'm looking for trouble when there is none to be had - another lawyer trait!!
Anyway, it was a good day - hectic but good to be alive...


Cath said...

Lesley it sounds like you had a great, busy day. The pictures are great and you wouldn't think you'd just done 4 hilly miles looking at the photos of you - you also look gorgeous in the evening photo, that's a lovely picture.

I can understand what you mean re D and how to take the compliments and the fact he can't leave you alone - but it doesn't mean he didn't love/want you before .... just that as you can see that you're changing into a different you and you love it, well so does he :)


SoonBeSlim... It's True! said...

Another great post, and glad to hear you enjoyed yourself.

Be flattered by the attention and burn a few more calories!

I am sure your partner is just pleased to have his gorgeous, assertive and happy women back in his life, and he has decided to walk (or jog) the path with you, rather than be left behind.

Send me some positives vibes, keep dreaming about meat!

Sam xx

Melanie said...

Four miles jogging, here's me thinking how great I am for walking two miles.

However, I will get there Lesley, you've got me doing my country walks and each time I have a go at a little jog so I'm building up to it!

You look fab though, especially when you say that photo was you on the way back from the run. And you can still manage a smile!!!!

Sorry, perhaps not a good day to admit I live in Wolverhampton. However I'm not a Wolves fan so am I forgiven?

Mel x

Hippoellie said...

Great photos Lesley- you are looking fab! I admire your activity levels, especially as I have been cruising the sofa all weekend (though I did do some arm weights). As for D- just had a similar experience with my OH, but took it all as a lovely incentive to keep losing. I was so fat before I must have been loved for my gorgeous slim OH to stick around, so this is a nice return on that loyalty!