Firewirks over Sydney Opera House

Firewirks over Sydney Opera House

Sunday, 4 March 2007

Day 52 -49

God - I've just noticed that I'm over half way through Foundation! Wow, that has flown by. I'm sure this blog has been a major factor in my doing so well. That and all the support I have received from the various people who check in and leave comments - it is really appreciated and feels great to know that there are people out there who know what you're going through - both good and bad.

Had my french lesson early this morning and it went very well. She really is a nice woman and I seem to be making progress even in the first 3 weeks - it must be the fact that I'm doing my homework for the first time ever! After I got back, I've had another frustrating day on ebay - it just takes so long listing anything. I was hoping that it would get quicker but it doesn't seem to. Maybe the server is slow on a Sunday or something as I keep getting stuck and not being able to progress to the next page....grrrr

Still, the good news is that I have had another look through my wardrobe and found loads of things I will never wear and several things in size 18 (!) that I can comfortably fit into!!! It has been a long time since I wore an 18. It is bliss throwing away and (trying to) sell my fat clothes. After I slim out of these 18's I will have to buy new stuff as I have hardly any 16's. I know I will be able to beg a few things off friends but it'll be new gear from then on... bring it on!

The weather is crap so haven't been out for a walk yet. I think doggie will have to settle for a quick scuttle round the block at this rate. Maybe I'll force myself out for a jog if it clears up after dark. The dog hates walking in the dark so I won't feel guilty.

Oh well, perfect weather for ebaying...


Melanie said...

Hi Lesley,

I'm in Wolverhampton and it's been a dismal day. Managed a light stroll round the park yesterday and then round the shops on the afternoon. Today has been sat doing college work, which is far less than interesting.

Dunno about you but I find the weekends are more difficult, at work I've got my routine sorted now, whereas weekends it's much harder. So the walking will give me something to focus on.

I'm looking for some walking boots on ebay! I'm excited for next weekend so I can get on with it.

I can't wait till I've got no more clothes to fit me, I'm going to wear my clothes till they get so baggy people at work can't really tell how thinner I am, my elasticated trousers (god they make me cringe thinking about them, when I'm thin, no more elasticated trews) but I'm going to cut the top and pull the elastic through so they'll just be baggy but so I can still wear them. Then when I'm ready I'm going to get a fitted outfit and show off my new curves. It's going to be so great!

I agree that the blog helps, whenever I feel low or tempted, I just read through my virtual diary and see how far I've come, then read your blog to see how far I can go and get some inspiration, and it just makes it seem worthwhile.

Take care,

hopefilly said...

Hi Lesley I read your blog every day your an inspiration. I have my date for starting LL its 13th cant wait. Keep up the good work I think your fab.

Lesley said...

Yeah, weekends can be a bit hit and miss. I like the time but I feel hungrier than I do at work. Still, we all need time to unwind and the temptation is what will mke us strong enough not to put the weight back on!

I'll want to see walking photos by the way!

Hippoellie said...

yHi Lesley- it was a terrible weekend for getting out and about wasn't it! Great to see your fab wedding outfit photo- when you smile you can see how thin your face is getting.

I bought size 20 trousers on Monday and wore them on Saturday- too big! So I am going to take them back and get size 18s- will need to suck in a bit but won't be long til they are comfy to wear.

Anyway many congrats for getting more than half way through foundation, and such a terrific weight loss- crikey if you keep this up you will lose 100lbs or more in a 100 days- wow!!