Tuesday, 20 March 2007

Day 68 -33

After I posted last night I went out for a run with Kate's Kurvy Krew as previously mentioned. Actually, as it was arctic, I told Kate not to wait for me on the Rec but said I would time it to be at the rendevous point at the right time and if they weren't there, would run on and they could catch me up. Well, I did that but they never caught me up! Either I was too early or I run too fast!!

It felt really smooth going and, apart from the big hill in the middle, wasn't too knackering. Did it in just over an hour and only got caught in the snow right at the end. I met a guy I know from the village running in the opposite direction and said "Hi Ray" which he seemed to ignore and just grunted. I was a bit miffed as we used to drink in the same pub so I would have thought he'd be a bit friendlier. It was only on the way back in when I met him again that he stopped and said that he hadn't recognised me the first time round and commented on my weight loss. I realised I haven't seen him since before Christmas and I don't suppose he associated my pre-LL shape with jogging!! That was a nice fillip!

It seems that the weight loss 'shows' in fits and starts. I haven't had many comments for a little while but today loads of people have been stopping me in the corridors and asking me about the diet in the kitchen. And these are generally people that I don't really know, sometimes not even their names. It is such a boost. It reminded me of the LL class about the importance of handing out 'warm fuzzies' - makes a lot of sense. I'm reminding myself to say the nice things that occur to me from time to time as I now know how good it is to be on the receiving end.

Anyway, had a good day at work and a freezing walk round town doing chores. Then when I got home, D said he hadn't been for a walk (weather my ass - too bloody lazy!) so I dragged him and a happy little dog out for a quick trot round the fields. I wish I'd taken my camera as the low sun was gorgeous landing on the flecks of snow and cold looking sheep.

One of the chores was buying some greaseproof paper so I can try these crisps that everyone's going on about. Looking forward to it actually although I'm going to put it off 'til later as have already had 3 packs today.

Anyway that's all for now. Have a good evening everyone and keep away from that fridge! Not that we would - we're all too virtuous for that!


Cath said...

Hi Lesley

I like Ray! How brilliant is it that he stopped you to tell you that he hadn't recognised you - that is excellent. You'll have to remember that people don't recognise you every time you think you're being ignored :)

Your run sounds good, though do be careful when you're out on your own - not just of other people but also of falling and getting stuck out in the 'arctic'.

I'm glad everyone is seeing the difference in you now - that must really spur you on.

You've worked hard for all these compliments so you make sure you enjoy them!


Melanie said...


It must be such a great feeling when people don't recognise you or comment on your weight loss. Something I'm really looking forward to, so you enjoy it!

You're doing such a fantastic job, you deserve all of the compliments in the world.

You live in such a beautiful part of the country, there's some nice parks around here, but nothing compared to the backdrops in your photos, which might I add you look remarkable in every one.

Well done with the jogging, keep up all the good work, and these inspiring blogs.

Mel x

Fat Karen said...

Hi Lesley - you don't know me but I've read most of your blog and it's one of the reasons I decided to start to follow the LL programme. Today is my first day. I have to say that you're really inspirational and if I'm half as good as you on this new lifestyle, I'll be so pleased!
Well done and keep at it!