Firewirks over Sydney Opera House

Firewirks over Sydney Opera House

Tuesday, 6 March 2007

Day 54 -47

Just a quick post as I've only just got back from the football and finished talking to D and want to go to bed! Had a good night tonight - Jim is excited about the weekend so that got me looking forward to it. Had to watch him eating pizza and garlic bread with cheese and drinking lager which wasn't so good but, on balance, a fun evening! The football wasn't exactly thrilling - a nil nil bore draw. Still, we didn't lose so no harm done.

Went swimming at lunchtime and managed a good 50 lengths in less than 30 minutes so not bad.

I'm a bit subdued as the weight is not coming off very fast this week. Looking back I realise the same thing happened 4 weeks ago so it must be TOTM but depressing nonetheless. Hopefully I'll get 3 or 4lbs off anyway and all will not be lost. It just seems harsh this week of all weeks when I've been so good at the wedding and then had to watch Jim eating a pizza as well tonight.

Actually one nice thing did happen today - I was in a meeting with the Chief Executive of the Council where I work this morning and before we started he looked up said "So, how much weight have you lost then?" and all the other blokes there joined in saying how noticeable it was etc etc. Pretty pleasant as they're all quite senior and didn't have to say anything - in fact, in today's PC world, they're probably wondering whether they should say anything which indicates that they have noticed my figure at all! The Chief Exec is possibly the least PC bloke around though and I really appreciated the compliment as he never says anything he doesn't want to say or doesn't mean.


Melanie said...

It's so nice when people comment on your weight loss, I can't wait till people really start to notice that I'm losing.

Must be a nice boost, even though it's tough having to watch people round you having things you can't, it's best to focus on the nice things like positive comments.

I know what you mean about being in a 'PC' world. It's certainly not the case in my office. My boss told me the other day if I get down to a size 10 he'd sleep with me (however he didn't put it quite as nicely as that), I said I'd be more than happy to stick at a size 12 thanks!

It's a good job I'm used to his comments and know he's only joking, especially as my husband works in the same office!

Hope you're okay,


Ameythist said...


Found your blog by accident its fabulous you are doing so well. When you join what exactly do you get and how much is it, I have heard lots about lighterlife,your blog is inspiring. keep up the good work x

Lesley said...

Hi Mel - Men are great aren't they - just so convinced that they are at the centre of the universe - you have to love 'em!

Lesley said...

Hi Ameythist (great name by the way).

Good to have someone new checking me out! You can find a LL counsellor in your area on the net and they give you a free introduction to the LL programme. Show you vids about it all etc. You sign up to the 100 day Foundation section which is what I'm halfway through. In this stage, you join a closed group of up to 12 women (ie. no-one new joins after the first week or so)and meet at a set time every week for around 2 hours. At that meeting you're weighed and measured and receive your foodpacks for the week and some other LL stuff (exercise band, fitball, DVD etc, food shaker, bag, workbook etc). You also have the cognitive therapy side of the programme which involves watching a DVD and then talking through group exercises (mind one not physical ones!).

Actually our group seems less bothered by the DVDs so we have in the last couple of weeks just chatted about the main issues. It costs £66 per week which seems like a lot but covers all the food you will drink in a week and certainly isn't as much as I would spend on food, drink, snacks and taxis in most weeks.

If LL is too expensive, then the Cambridge diet is very similar in terms of the foodpacks but doesn't have the group and the therapy and is about half the price I think.

I think the group is excellent though. Because it's closed, you get to know everyone really well and have a laugh and support each other. It definitely helps me keep motivated. That and the blog of course!

Anyway, good luck whatever you choose and keep in touch!

Lesley x