Monday, 19 March 2007

Day 67 -34

It was a gorgeous morning although has just turned dramatically nasty in the last hour an hour or so. I have been working from home - yay! So was up v early in order to get the bulk of the work done then dragged D out of his scratcher and up a hill. Glorious sunshine and the remnants of the snow. What I hadn't accounted for was the artic wind! It must be pretty sheltered at home but when we got up there it was freezing. I has only put a chunky fleece on too so felt every gust. D more sensible as ever in several layers!

Anyway, it certainly blew some cobwebs away and I've been back at my desk hard at it ever since.

I've been going over my thoughts about this diet. Prompted by another blogger, Kittycat, who was feeling very down and was thinking of giving up after 10 or so days. My reaction was so adamant that she shouldn't and I think I went a bit overboard tyring to persuade her to stick with it - hope she's alright!!- so I tried to analyse why. Ultimately, I think it comes down to some sort of proselytising zeal arising out of the great results we're seeing. This is is by far and away the best diet I have ever attempted and I just want everyone who needs it to benefit.

I think back to that sinking feeling that I would never be slim and would never be able to suceed at a diet. I was even thinking about surgery for Christ's sake! I wish I'd found it years ago, although there is probably some sort of Zen argument that you find the tools you need when you need them and when you are able to use them - type of thing.... I'm sure, though, if I had heard of it years ago, it would have chimed with me in just the way it did before Christmas when I met up with the woman who inspired me to start LL. And then I might have been spared the last few years of failed diets and resigned growth!!

Hey ho - no regrets - I'm here now and everything that has happened will have made me stronger.

The other thing I was thinking about is the pace of loss. I had been doing the mental calculations of weight loss averages and how much I will have lost by such and such a time etc etc. I'm sure everyone has been doing it too - admit it! But then another post by Kathy (Hippoellie) made me stop and have a think about that too. I realise that since I had my bad(ish) week and and only lost 2lbs and emerged unscathed I have become totally relaxed about when this is going to end. Really, in Kathy's words "the diet is what it is" so, if I stick to it, do as much exercise as I can, enjoy life and drink my water then I'll lose the weight. It's as simple as that. I feel very liberated by that thought - stop worying about when and just try to enjoy the ride as much as possible.

So, on that very introverted note I'll say goodbye for the day and hope you're all doing alright. Keep it up!


chrismars said...

Those photos again!

Have you always been so self-analytical, Lesley, or has it just come with this diet?

I, too, wish I'd found these diets years ago. But I do think you have to be in that certain place where you accept that things need to change. A friend of mine back about 9 years ago did a very similar VLCD where she absteined from food and gradually reintroduced it once she had lost her weight. I don't know which diet it was but I remember thinking she was nuts to be doing it. I'm happy to report that she's still a healthy weight now.

All those years ago I didn't have so much weight to lose and therefore it wasn't for me. But the time is now. You're right, the tools come along when you need them. I believe that in a lot of other areas in my life as well.


Cath said...

Lesley your photos are gorgeous, it really is a beautiful place you live in. And boy does it look cold there!

I too wish I'd found this diet years ago, but hey I've found it now and I'm so glad I have, it's great to see a future that looks and feels bright.

I'm so guilty of the mental calculations and working out what weight I could be by when ... so much so that I couldnt' get to sleep last night as my head was spinning with it all - but we'll all get there when we get there.


SoonBeSlim... It's True! said...

The photos are great, you are very brave with them. I may do this down the line.

I think you are right, I have had similar feelings of 'I'm going to do it this time' but never as clear as this time around, plus I had never heard of LL.

I too have thought about calculations, but am trying not too as It will demotivate me if I am unable to reach it. Instead I look at the success stories and tell myself if they can do it I should also be able to do it for as long as I play by the rules.


Lesley said...

Self analysis - I think mine is a bit more honest now than it used to be. I used to try and find an analysis which defended my position whereas now I see a little more of the truth and accept more "nasties" about myself.

I think this diet does lend itself to a lot of introspection though. When you're on a normal diet your head is filled with food, even if it's good food. Now we have time to analyse and space to see what a crutch food has become.

I like it but must say I generally live in a very physical world so the analysis doesn't go on all day every day.

I'm glad your mate has stayed slim. So many people say "oh, you'll just pile it all back on if you do an extreme diet". I know there's no reason why you should but after a while it becomes difficult not to secretly believe that you might.

Good to hear from you all and you're right, where I live is lovely and very accessible for short breaks in the UK!! In case you don't know, it's the Peak District in North Derbyshire bwteen Sheffield and Manchester. Lots of holiday cottages, pubs, B&B's, hotels, campsites and touristy stuff to do!! Plug, plug, plug. BTW, I don't run any but it's always good to encourage visitors for the local economy and I would tell you all the good places to go!!

Claire Silverton soon to be Mrs Elliott said...


I agree with everyone photos are fantastic, at least when you retire as a Solicitor you could be a part time photographer ... you do have wedding experience.. Much to my shame (and your encouraging of my shame) I did not exercise over the weekend however have scheduled a walk for Sat afternoon. Thanks for the required push!! I too think regullaly, "by this time I could have lost..." I think after 11 days I need to just go with it. It does seem to get easier you were right!! I read your comment to fellow blogger regarding not giving up and I think it was food for thought (pardon the pun), to me it was a great boost and very supportive. Just remember how many people you are supporting in so many ways!!!!!

Thanks again for the support, enjoy - Claire :o)

Claire Silverton soon to be Mrs Elliott said...

P.s you look stunning on the St Patricks day pic!!!!

Wendy said...

Beautiful photos! I've found reading your blog makes me think more about myself and why I want to achieve this weight loss and why I am how I am, and probably more importantly, where I want to be, but I just tend to waffle on in my own blog. Maybe I'll get to a time when writing it all out comes easier.

Your loss to date has been brilliant, a real inspiration.

Thanks Lesley

Wendy x

Oiseau said...

Fantastic photo's Lesley! Looking at them makes me want to be out there on the hills too, just wish there were some a little closer to where I live!!

You are so right about the results - I seem to have developed an almost manic eagerness to talk about the diet if someone genuinely asks me about it - it's so hard not to seem like an advert for lighterlife!!

I too wish I'd found out about it much earlier but can't help thinking that this was the right time for me to do this.

A good point on the calculations, I too tend to analyse things and play around with graphs & stats a little too much!You & hippoellie have made me think about that analysis & why I do it. I think at the start it was important to keep me motivated, but I think you reach a stage where you realise you will continue to lose weight over the weeks, and so you relax a little more and focus instead on the goal rather than each result.

Anyway, keep it up, you're doing so well as your pictures show!!

Kirsty x

Kittycat said...

Great photos Lesley, you aren't that far away me, I live right on the edge of the Peak District near Manchester. There are so many beautiful places to go walking round here, my favourite is Derwent Upper Vally (Ladybower Resivoir) don't know if you've ever heard of it. One of my mini-goals is to walk all the way round it. I've only ever been half way round and caught the bus back lol.