Firewirks over Sydney Opera House

Firewirks over Sydney Opera House

Friday, 9 March 2007

Days 56 and 57 -45/44 Weigh In again

Hi all. It was my weigh in last night but didn't feel too hot so didn't get round to posting.

As you can see I had a disappointing week and only lost 2lbs. I knew I wasn't heading for a good total but I suppose you have to expect it to slow down and for TOTM issues to have an effect. It doesn't make it any easier though . Anyway, I was a bit miserable last night thinking that I've gone through all this for 2 measly lbs so couldn't be bothered to come upstairs and post.

Needless to say, I woke up this morning, had a quick look on the blog and found a great comment from Melanie saying not to worry if I don't lose much, it happens and I should look at the big picture, I've done really well etc. All the good advice that I've doled out to other people in the past. So, it was great to receive a bit of my own medecine and for it to make me feel so much better. So thanks Mel and thanks to everyone who checks in as it really makes the diffrence knowing that you're not alone.

I've been thinking about it from the positive angle - I'm doing really well and I want to share that feeling and inspire others too. Now II've had the positive angle come back at me and help me when I got a bit low and it's a good thing!

Putting the weight loss in context - I've not cheated apart from the half glass of champers at Shelley's wedding and I'm not going to feel guilty about that! I had a bad week in week 3 when it was my time of the month so there is another factor. It is just one of those things. My body may be retaining water and hopefully I'll lose a decent amount next week instead. Anyway, 2lbs is hardly shabby - if I was on Slimming World I would have been really happy with a solid 2lb loss!!

What else did I get up to yesterday? Ah yes, had an early meeting in Manchester which went pretty well and then worked from home in the pm. Met up with Shelly in the early evening and went for another run. This one was all off road and pretty muddy. We extended ourselves up to nearly 3 miles and included quite a few hills. It was great - I wasn't too tired at the end although I feel a bit stiff this moring! Shelagh absolutely loved it too. She was running like a mad dog between Shelley and I (I'm a bit slower than my friedn so she had to wait ocasionally) and must have covered about 8 miles in total!

D was a pain - rang me at 11.30pm and woke me up then, when I was sleepy and didn't want to chat for long, had a right go and made out that I didn't want to talk to him. Well, it was the middle of the night, I was down from having only lost 2lbs and had a banging headache and, no, I didn't really want to chat about nothing for another 10 minutes! I know he looks forward to the calls but he forgets that they're all on his terms and don't always get me at a good time. I told him so too and he sort of backed down but it still didn't help me sleep afterwards! Grrr

Today, not done much - busy at work and feel much happier than I did last night. I'm at home now and will take the dog out for a walk before heading down to London for the weekend with my footie mates, Nicola, Jim and Craig. D not very happy about that either! We're going to Nicola's rowing club dinner dance tomorrow night which is a black tie do so I'm sort of looking forward to that. Will be good to have a laugh and a boogie but not so good staying sober and not eating! Hey ho...

Anyway, I'd better get on - have a great weekend and keep on keeping on....


Ameythist said...

Hi Lesley

Well you may feel low because of your loss but you are still very inspiring to me. I attended an information session last night to learn more and ask more questions, I came away feeling the best I have done in years, you are now famous as I told the group and the leader about your blog and how I found it. I need to see the Dr and get the form signed then all being well its all systems go next Saturday. I am already excited and just reading your blog and remembering the talk from last night is keeping me on a high. keep up the good work, luv Ameythist. xx

Hippoellie said...

Hi Lesley,
Too right you have done terrifically well and keep looking at the bigger picture. Your weight lossses have been amazing every week, and remember the diet is designed to help you lose a stone a month- you have achieved that already and did with half way to go! So you will slow down a bit at some point and , looking at what others have written consistent weight loss on this diet is very rare- almost everyone who reports a low weight loss one week reports a craker the next! Anyway, you have lost one toddler from your body weight- next time you see a buggy going past think on that.

You will lose more weight and you will reach your target- you are totally focussed and confident and are an inspiration to many other LLers because we all know that you are going to get there.

Have a great weekend

Melanie said...

Hi Lesley,

Thank you for saying my comment helped. Reiterating your own good advice, because you really do give out good advice!

I've got the photo's to prove it!

We went out for our family country walk today and had such a wonderful time. We must have walked about three miles, and it was amazing how good we all felt.

Hope you're okay, you've got so much to be proud of, you're an inspiration to others. With your weight loss, good advice and the fact you got me and my family out walking in the fresh air on a Saturday afternoon, just for the hell of it.

Go out tonight, boogie your slender funky stuff on the dancefloor and have fun.

Monday will be the start of a new week, with a whole new weight loss to look forward to.

Take care, Mel x x

chrismars said...

Hi Lesley, it's Christine. I've been out of the loop for a while (it actually feels like ages). I've had the flu and still feel *sxxt*.
I've just caught up with your blog since my last visit on 28/2 and congrats my dear on your success at the wedding. I wasn't thinking of you, as I promised I would, as I was too ill, but so glad to hear of your perserverance. And you looked absolutely fabulous!!
I've posted on my blog today (10/3) if you'd like to catch up with what's been happening to me and what I'm going to be doing now....
Hope to speak soon, Chris xx

Heather said...

Hi Lesley,

Congratulations on the great weight loss. I am 25 and also doing the Lighter Life programme in Staines (Middlesex). I am in my 10th week and I have lost 39lbs in total. I have not cheated once and that is so unlike me!

This really is the best diet and I am so happy I did it. I have my own Blog here if you would like to read it:

Good luck and keep in touch

Lesley said...

Thanks to all of you. I've just come back from my weekend away which was fab. I feel great and really touched by all your comments - we are a pretty good bunch of people and soon we're going to look pretty hot too!!