Firewirks over Sydney Opera House

Firewirks over Sydney Opera House

Sunday, 18 March 2007

Day 66 -35

What a strange day weather wise?! Talk about four seasons in one day - more like four seasons in half an hour! We've had glorious blue skies with sunshine, rain, hail, snow black storm clouds and then back to sunshine again constantly throughout the day.
I was up early to do my french homework! Funny, when I was a kid I assumed that grown ups would automatically do everything on time. Now I'm here (in body if not quite in spirit) I realise that homework is still homework and therefore must be left until the last minute! It's the law or something...
Anyway, just about got it done and raced off to my class. I really feel like I'm making progress now and words and sentences are coming to me with a little bit of fluency. I can hold a basic conversation about things like how much I like pigs and Hells Angels (don't ask...). It's a start and it gives me confidence that I would pick up the language proper pretty quickly were we to move over there. Whether D will is another question!!
Back from the class, lunch, fire lighted and a session on the computer checking out all the fab diet blogs and posting my own. It really does keep me motivated and, more to the point, occupied away from food. Boredom can be such a killer to combat.
Then, out for a middling length walk dodging the hail showers. It was pretty cold but we wrapped up well and managed to keep upright in the mud (no easy feat). We nearly got our feet wet at the weir and stepping stones in the photos but it wasn't impassable so we didn't have to walk the (very) long way round.
I'm feeling somewhat fond of D today so will suggest that I cook him supper before I get in a lovely bubbly bath. I know he'd do it himself but he really doesn't enjoy cooking so every now and then I don't mind.
Have a great week everyone. Remember - we're not doing this just to make things a little better - we're going for the whole hog (if you'll excuse the phrase) - to be actually, objectively slim, fit and healthy and then to stay that way!! We can do it!

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chrismars said...

There you go with the photos again. I'm really jealous of where you live. London may have it's good points, but it doesn't have the scenery. It's not quite the same pounding the streets.

Don't be so hard on yourself over D. He loves you no matter what size you are. If he didn't, you wouldn't still be with him after 13 years. You know what men are like tho' - they can be very shallow at times and they don't always think before they speak. And, of course, us girls very often read other things into what our OHs say to us - don't we? 'Course he loves you.

By the way, the photo at the Irish Centre. Was that a slice of lemon I could see in your water? Tut, Tut!!

Chris x