Saturday, 24 March 2007

Day 72 -29

My normally reliable personal photographer has not done so well today - the blurry one of me and Shelagh is the best of a bad bunch would you believe! Oh well, I'll crack him into shape eventually!

We've been really busy today - well, I have and D had a lie in after over indulging somewhat last night! I was out jogging with my friend Kate by 9am! We did a circuit round the railway track and over the dam wall and added an extra loop that I have been avoiding! She is a pretty fast runner so kept running aabck to get me but I also upped my speed so that, combined with the extra loop, meant I was knackered by the time we finished! Kate was impressed though and is confident that it won't be long before I'm up to a good speed and running 10km runs and even half marathons! I'm not sure I share her optimism but I think it's important to keep stretching yourself and have new goals to aim for.

After that I had a burst of energy so spent the rest of the day cleaning, sorting, selling on ebay and doing a myriad of chores. The house is so much nicer now - I feel that warm glow you get from being a domestic goddess (doesn't happen to me very often!). D roused himself and headed out to the garden to chop logs so we were both very industrious!

A quick walk under leaden skies and now we're getting ready to go to see Dolly Parton in concert. We're going with a couple who are much older than ourselves (in their mid 60's) but a good laugh nonetheless. I have no idea what to wear to a DP concert - will avoid rhinestone, denim and any form of western paraphernalia I think. Which is a good thing as my wardrobe is not overburdened with that stuff!!

Hope you're all having a great weekend. Keep it up and drink that water!


Cath said...

Well I hope you're having a great night and you've had a good sing ....working 9 to 5... good exercise for your lungs.

Just reading about your run tired me out, and I agree with Kate that you'll soon be doing half marathons - you've got the determination.


SoonBeSlim... It's True! said...

Good Grief, I can't belive how active you are! All that running and a domestic goddess puts me to shame.

Hope you had a fab DP experience, what not even cowboy boots?

Keep up the good work


Fat Karen said...

have a great evening, Lesley! You're looking fab and I admire your exercise regime - my gym stuff is in the wash right now so I can force myself down there tomorrow!


Melanie said...

Hope Dolly Parton was good fun!

Well done on your weight loss, can't believe you're nearly at halfway, you're going to be there in no time, especially with all that running.

I have so much admiration for you and the exercise you are doing. This weekend will simply be exercise videos for me, weather and work got in the way this week.

Take care,