Thursday, 22 March 2007

Day 69 -32

It's my weigh in later today but I didn't manage to post yesterday so I thought I'd fit a quick update it. Had a mega busy day at work with meetings and rush jobs so didn't have time to worry about food. Well, apart from the 20 minutes when we broke out from a meeting to have lunch. I hadn't brought my soup as I didn't realise the lunch was going over much so I had to watch 12 blokes tucking into sandwiches and little fried things (satays, samosas, mini pizzas etc etc) followed by cakes and biscuits - yes, that was a greeeeaat experience!!

Still, I wasn't tempted to venture anyway near the table - in fact the only items which called to me were the little chicken satays. I didn't touch though and stuck to my black coffee!

Got home and went out for a quick run. It was getting dark so didn't do the full circuit but still managed 45 minutes and about 3.5 miles. The dog is not a jogger - don't think I'l take her again unless we're all offroad and she can be off the lead or she hasn't had any exercise that day. She made her displeasure evident by just subtly tugging on the lead and hanging back whereas normally she'd be forging ahead if I don't make her walk to heel. Little minx!

Quick shower and change and off to the pub to meet D and some mates. Had a proper laugh with the lads and then home for my last pack - chicken soup which I made up into a savoury muffin type thing from the recipe list Claire Silverton sent me. Was delicious - sort of like a chicken dumpling with crispy edges. Definitely my favourite recipe so far. Less fiddly than the crisps too.

Anyway, off to a course all day on Compulsory Purchase procedures - mmmmm - that'll be exciting! Must ressit all the goodies there too - no rest for the wicked eh?

Have a good day all!


hopefilly said...

Hi Lesley lost 11.5lbs in my first week woohoo.Wish I could muster up the energy to exercise but that hasnt kicked in yet.I would love if you could send me some of the recipies you wrote about in your blog will leave my email address thanks for your inspiration
Thanks Mandy x.

Hippoellie said...

Hi Lesley- just wishing you good luck with the weigh-in tonight- must try the savoury muffin- I have loads of soups at the mo as I got a real taste for them, and went a bit mad!

Will check for news on your latest fantsatic loss later!

All the best

Melanie said...

Fingers crossed for tonight's weigh in!


I'm below 20 stone now, am weighing in at 19st 9lbs!

I'll be down to my fighting weight soon!


Cath said...

First things first - good luck for tonight, I'll be thinking of you!

You're a star resisting all that food, feels great doesn't it that you're able to do it.

I'm with your dog ... way to cold for me to be out jogging (in fact I don't think I can jog!) .... if I'd have lived local you could have dropped her off at mine and we'd have snuggled in front of the fire :)

Don't forget to post your loss!


Claire Silverton soon to be Mrs Elliott said...


I'm excited to hear your loss, you continue to inspire, you should get your own franchise when you've got to goal and be a part time lawyer!!! You'd be great. I too am going to try the muffin, I'm good at sending the recipes out just not at doing them. I've only done the mousse and lemon bar (lush). I think I will try the dumpling later when I get in. Good luck for the weigh in.

Claire xx

Lesley said...

Thanks everyone - really good to hear all the good news stories and get all the best wishes. Must have worked as I lost 5lbs and have now lost over 4 stone!!