Firewirks over Sydney Opera House

Firewirks over Sydney Opera House

Thursday, 15 March 2007

Day 63 -38 Weigh In time

Well, another decent day past. I lost 4lbs this week taking me up to 3 stone 10lbs. I'm really pleased to be back losing proper numbers after only 2lbs last week. As it happens though, I think the amounts lost are beginning to go up and down more dramatically among the group as a whole. Several people reported losing 1lb one week then 5 the next or even, in one case, 8lb last week and 1lb this week. So I think as we progress along the diet we really have to look at the overall average loss rather than each individual week.

One thing that is very noticeable is how much healthier we all look. Brighter skin, shinier hair, more colour in our cheeks and of course slimmer. Markedly better than the pasty faced individuals who shuffled through the doors 9 weeks ago!

The exercise this evening was to do with a complicated triangle between Perscutors, Rescuers and Victims. It took a while for it to sink in with me but I think what she was getting at was that we need to take control of the role we play rather than being pushed into one against our will. For example, choosing not to always be the rescuer (ie. pick up everyone else's slack) and let people take responsibilty for themselves. Or, if you are habitually rescued, choose to take responsibility for yourself and not hid away from difficult choices etc. The relevance of all this to being fat is that,often, if you're pushed into an inappropriate or unpleasant role we use food as a solace or escape. So if we always do the rescuing, and no-one rescues us, we might turn to food as a comfort. etc etc.

I found it a bit tricky to follow as I don't naturally fall into any one of the 3 categories but flit between them depending upon circumstance. I do recognise though, that I'm taking a lot more responsibility for myself and that food is not enering into my choices where it might have done before. I suppose the trick is recognising the danger points when we come to start eating again.

Certainly the balance of power in my relationship with D has shifted to a much more healthy equilibrium as I get more powerful and he is happier for that to be the case, which is happening as the weight drops off. I can't say that I'm happy that my weight was such an issue between us but it was and I have to deal with that. It has left scars but I can feel them healing over with time.

So, that's all very deep but helpful to have that outlet for assessing behaviour and trying to work out how to change etc. One thing is very certain, there are a lot of games being played every day and the more you recognise them for what they are the less likely you are to fall for the seductive charms of food or other sops and false friends.

So, from the subline to the ridiculous - I dug out my mini trampoline this evening in a desperate attempt to burn off a last few ounces before my weigh in (how sad is that?!)and bounced up and down on it waving my arms in the air for 25 minutes to Richard & Judy. The dog is convinced I'm mad now and refuses to talk to me when I'm doing it but it is bloody good exercise and great for those rainy evenings when a walk or run is not on. Just need to crack the fitball and the resistance band now to tone up those saggy arms etc. It'll come...
Happy slimming everyone!!


Lynne said...

Hi Lesley

Well done kid - keep up the good work. I remember many years ago I had a cavalier king charles that fell in love my mini trampoline - it was a new craze in the 80's snag was everytime I got the thing out up he jumped and fell fast asleep. well me being a good caring mummy, I left him and had a cup a tea and a biscuit instead!!!! hence..................

Well done you inspire me
Ameythist xxx

hopefilly said...

Hi Lesley thanks for your support. My weight has been an issue in my marriage aswell.But when I decided to do LL it was for me I want to like me again.Your doing so well love readind your blog every day have a good one.
Luv Mandy x

chrismars said...

So deep, Lesley. Keep up the TA online. I'm still gong through my foundation book, even though I can no longer attend meetings, so you're becoming part of my 'inner head' discussion group with myslf (if u know what I mean?)

I put a comment on my blog yesteday thanking you so much for cheering me up - you do make me laugh. Thought I'd say it again here just in case you don't read them on my ramblings - so 'Thank You'. My rebeling days are over I think - I can't cope with the adrenalin flow!!

Excellent weightloss last night. 3st 10lbs (that's probably definitely more than Mel's toddler!) WELL DONE!!

Have a good day. Chris x

Claire Silverton soon to be Mrs Elliott said...

Hi Lesley,
Thanks for the comment, well done on the weight loss that's fantastic, your such an inspiration! I'm dying to find out how much you have lost in 100 days! Slight confession, my Mam popped in and dropped me off at the car, oh dear. Have a good weekend :o)

Melanie said...


Well done on the weight loss!

Yes - You've lost more than my four year old, Jacob weighs.

Try jogging next time with a back pack weighing four

Have a great weekend, going to see if I can get fitted out with a good sports bra in the morning ready for my afternoon trek. I learned a hard lesson last week..!

Fingers crossed that next week you make the 4 stone total loss and I get below 20 stone. That'd be a great benchmark for both of us.

Mel x

Cath said...

Lesley that's a brilliant loss - well done :)

Keep on bouncing...