Sunday, 9 November 2008

Tomorrow is yet another Day 1!

I took these before I went on holiday while out walking with the pooches round Ladybower resrvoir. It was a beautiful late summer evening as you can see. Very contemplative.

What a miserable weekend weatherwise it has been. Grey, rainy, cold and drear. I've been a bit similar myself but have not given in to the food too badly, a couple of slip ups but not letting go.

I tried to keep busy but couldn't make myself get out and about in the evenings. I had every intention on both Friday and Saturday nights to go out but both nights I ended up staying in with the dogs and the fire. That would have been a bad thing if I had given in to eating too much but I didn't so I'm just writing it off as the natural desire to "cave" when the weather is grim. The dogs were happy anyway and I've had loads of lovely sleep.

I haven't been a complete hermit though - I went to the football on Saturday (Wednesday beat Doncaster Rovers but played poorly) and had old school friends over today. And I'm going out this evening for the Inter-pub Quiz League match (!) Yes, I know - it's irredeemably swottish but we don't take it very seriously and I quite like a challenge.

I've made a decision too. I am going to start Slimming World tomorrow. I'm not going to go with friends or anything, not going to mention it to anyone really, just going to get my head down and take it seriously. I even had a look at my old books to get my head in gear so there can be no excuses about needing the first week to "get organised"!!


ThickChick said...

Sigh. Gorgeous piccies again.

Our weather here is crap and gray too.

Good luck with Slimming World!! We know you can do it!

C said...

This week it is going to be gray and rainy here. Good luck with Slimming World. I know you can do it.

J said...

Hi Lesley
Thanks for your kind words.
Just been catching up on your log - loving the photo's as ever !!!

and very good luck with slimming world

Mrs said...

Blimey, girl, I am out of the loop for a few days and bam!!!

I have SOOOO missed your blog - the fabby photos, the writing...

ANYWAY, I just have to congratulate you on that jump. OMG!!!! Fantastic.

So, Lesley, a new chapter but see it just as progress on what you've already done. Step by step. Bit by bit.

Thinking of you and with spirit!!

Big fat kiss.

Mrs Lxxxxxxxx