Wednesday, 26 November 2008

Making good choices

No trip to Cape Town would be complete without a trip up Table Mountain. We were surprised how often the cable cars weren't running because of wind or fog but we got up there on a very changeable day, sunny one minute and foggy and freezing the next. Still, gorgeous views and lovely flora and fauna.

The island to the right of me is Robben Island where Nelson Mandela was held for all those years. We didn't make it out there as you had to book in advance and we weren't organised enough but we'll go next time...

The view of Clifton beach (I'll post some pictures from the beach later).

Diarmuid looking cold and wondering whether we should go for a walk after all considering the fog closing in. We did but only an hour or so, it really was chilly and once you left the crowds behind, a bit eerie.

Yesterday (Tuesday) was a pretty good day. I got back to the proper regime mindset and I did some exercise. Sunday and Monday I had gone back onto the diet but been a bit "loose" about it. I'd had logistical difficulties (meetings and the quiz) and had taken the easy way out. Not eaten masses or bad stuff but not been stellar in my approach either. Yesterday I was back to normal and turned down some opportunities to eat and drink off plan.

I also did my personal training in the morning so feel a bit more lively.

This is good. I can feel my old hunger to get slim returning. It's not just "ah damn, I've put some weight back on, I need to shift it." It's more "I want to get back into my size 12's and 14's again and feel fit and go running without hurting." It's a more positive aim rather than an undoing a negative. Much easier to focus on too.

I've packed my swimming kit for work so, barring unforeseen meetings (of which I seem to have loads at the moment) I should be ble to do 50 lengths at lunchtime.

I need to take the good times when I can as D is home now too. He managed to get an early chopper yesterday so returned a couple of days early which was nice. The downside is that there is now food in the house, sigh. Also, I have a friend visiting from London at the weekend which will necessitate hospitality. I'm going to try and be restrained and only deviate for very special and nice things but I'm not planning on being a saint!

This time is definitely different to before. I'm not aiming for perfect abstinence, just reasonably speedy reducing. This has two added benefits. One, there's a chance I'll stick to it! And two, I'm having to make choices throughout the diet rather than just at the end so I'm hoping the transition to maintenance/management will be smoother.

Right off to work now. Hope you're all doing well. It's a bit quiet round here these day isn't it?


Peridot said...

Well done you! I also think you're right that an all or nothing approach can be dangerous (I speak from personal experience). And you were so exemplary on your birthday but I forgot to comment - Happy Birthday and Congratulations.

Peridot x

Isabelle said...

Go to South Africa and get fog.. It's not what one expects. Great photos, though.