Firewirks over Sydney Opera House

Firewirks over Sydney Opera House

Thursday, 27 November 2008

The beach

The Lion's Head (on the left) and the Twelve Apostle (on the right).

D in contemplative mood on Clifton Beach.

Clifton Beach , well, durr.....

Me gritting my teeth against the biting shards of sand being blasted into my bare legs.

I just spouted off on Mrs L's blog about being positive and how, this time, it has really helped me to draw a line under why I gained and how much I gained and just focus on the desired result.

So, that's what I'm doing. Trying to make choices and focus on what I'm going for, ie. being slim and fit again and getting back into those lovely size 12 and 14 clothes which are currently clogging up my wardrobe!

Hopefully the pictures of the gorgeous Clifton beach near Cape Town above will inspire me too. It was too windy to even think about swimming then (the sand was whipping into my bare legs and really hurting!) but I want to be able to think about beaches and cossies next summer!! I mean it!

Weigh in this evening...
Update: I really enjoyed the weigh in last night. I had a modest but reasonable loss (sorry - remember my no numbers rule this time round!) but wasn't disheartened. Everything counts and I'm heading in the right direction. The key thing is to keep going to class, to keep plugging away at the regime and to keep making positive choices.
I fought off the post-class eat-something urge when I got home too although I admit to having an extra pack which I think is the lesser of many evils.
The exercise we did was to write a letter or instructions to someone taking over our body for a few weeks. Like an owner's manual or instructions for looking after a pet except we were talking about our own body. It was quite revealing. Most people said, make sure "she" gets lots of rest, eats healthily etc and I was more about making sure that "she" keeps active, blogs, goes out, exercises, socialises. So it told me my that my worst times, the danger zone, is when I'm sitting on the sofa at home. Obviously that's nice to do once in a while, but not every night.
With D working away a lot, there is a danger that I could become introverted and stay in every night (mostly through choice - there's usually something I can do) but I need to fight against that as those are the times when I'm more likely to succumb to boredom and solace eating. Ho hum.
I also told this mythical guardian to make sure that I get out for some exercise "she make not want to go, but she'll enjoy it when she gets out there!" So now, as I sit here, on a day off, I really have no excuse for not getting out into the frosty morn for a gentle jog/walk. Grrrr, hoist by my own petard (whatever the hell that may be).

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