Sunday, 16 November 2008


The V& A Waterfront in Cape Town, with Table Mountain in the background. Note the massive yacht dwarfing the hotel. It's owned by Bill Gates' partner from Microsoft (can't remember his name right now) and hardly ever used apparently.

It comes equipped with not one but 2 helicopters because you never know when you'e going to experience a 2 helicopter situation....

While we were there there was the "Blessing of the Fleet" so many of the boats were decked out with flags and palm branches. Most of them seemed to be portuguese owned so there was serious portuguese cooking going on down at the harbourside.....mmmm....hhhmmm!

Well, I'm not doing tooooo badly. I've had a tricky weekend as I had to visit my parents to see my brother, who was over from Canada on business and managed to squeeze in a weekend in Lincoln. Obviously, I'm really pleased to see them all and espcially Graham who I don't get to see often, but I wouldn't have chosen a weekend at the Olds' on the first weekend of a serious diet if I had had a choice.

As my mother is not really up to cooking much beyond the most simple of meals these days, it fell to me to cook a roast dinner for us. I know Dad misses proper roasts and Graham has been living off hotel food so it would have been churlish to deny them. That wasn't too hard to resist. Nor was dessert or the pub but this evening, when I was driving home, a little tired and feeling hungry, I really struggled with temptation not to stop at a petrol station and stock up with goodies. I did manage it but it was hard. And, now I'm home, I've just fallen off the wagon, although not too badly.

So, it's time to put my targets from yesterday into effect. First up, I came up here to blog and secondly, I'm going to make sure that I don't compound the fall by eating any of the sandwiches and chips which are bound to be served up after the pub quiz this evening. That is a pledge.

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