Firewirks over Sydney Opera House

Firewirks over Sydney Opera House

Wednesday, 19 November 2008

Still 39 today!

Actually I've had a nice day today. I always think this about birthdays....that I don't really care and it won't matter if there's no fuss....then there is a nice bit of fuss (just cards and calls and stuff at work and D sent me some gorgeous flowers) and I really like it and somehow the day does feel special after all.

So, I'm just about to have a bath and then get down to the pub for the quiz...God, I know how to live....but wanted to post and say that I like being 39 so far. And D's flowers were gorgeous even though they did fall off my desk and I had to remove a couple of the green chrysanths.

Also, although I didn't make it to the gym at lunchtime due to yet another meeting, I have been very good foodwise and fully intend to stick to the plan in the pub too. I tryuly am a very good birthday girl.

PS. Didn't eat at the quiz but did have a small glass of red wine which I can live with (my sole birthday treat). But, I also won the quiz and received - a big bar of Toblerone! Which is now lurking in my cupboard. Part of me wants to take it to work tomorrow and give it away but part of me wants to see how long it lasts and whether I can keep it 'til Christmas. Will she? Won't she? I must admit that I nearly ripped open that wrapper as soon as I got into the car to come home before realising what a stupid thing that would be. Weigh in tomorrow.

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