Wednesday, 5 November 2008

Big as a whale....

I'm joking honest...

But it's strange that the animals I was really moved by on our trip to South Africa were the 2 biggest... The elephants were so gorgeous and peaceful. When they walked right past you it was amazing how quiet they were...almost silent on those giant feet.

And the whales. They were fantastic, just peacefully rolling around the bay. Apart from when they leapt out of the water in front of us. Just stunning.

So, I would recommend South Africa wholeheartedly as a place to visit. It was fantastic. So much to do and see and incredibly beautiful. I will be going back.

Weightwise, I did quite well surprisingly. I managed to be exactly the same weight at the end of my holiday as I was at the beginning. Admittedly that is too much but at least I didn't gain anything. I was doing pretty well at limiting my input for the first couple of weeks but could feel the control loosening when I got a nasty (but mercifully brief) bout of food poisoning which lost me a few lbs and dampened my appetite for a few days too. I think that helped!

Unfortunately, I have not been great since I got back and have struggled to get back into gear. I have been better this last week and am starting to get my head round what must be done.

In harsh terms: I lost nearly 9 stone last year and I have since regained 3 stone of it!! 3 stone!!! It sucks (to borrow a useful American term). Sucks, I tells ya...

No more.

So. I'm still working out what I'm to do about it longterm but in the meantime am limiting my food and doing more exercise and blogging of course. I'll keep you posted.

Big kisses to all and I hope you're doing better than I am.

Hope you're enjoying Obama's victory. I have been quite moved by the various speeches and interviews I've seen today. Whatever he's like as a Prez, it''s a big thing.

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Candee said...

Beautiful pictures. I can't believe you took the plunge. You are so brave. I would be terrified. Glad to have you back blogging. I missed you.