Sunday, 23 November 2008

Progress and patterns.

Me around my thinnest last summer. I love the flat tummy and slim arms.

Me as I am now give or take a lb or so. Not too bad but getting chunkier and the tummy and arms showing the strain.

Me as I was at my heaviest. Nuff said.

Well, the old pattern is beginning to assert itself. I do well, stick to the regime and then experience some sucess. I feel thinner and a little fitter and then I start to relax and stray from the regime before I reach my goals.

Only this time, it is going to be different.

Yesterday, though, I had the day of "relaxation" and, if I were to let it, I might continue to stray from the regime. But I'm not going to let it.

I went to the football and thought I could handle a brief departure from the regime in the form of a couple of pints and a bacon sandwich. It appears that I can't I as I also had some Toblerone when I got home (not too much, threw the rest away once I'd opened the pack) and a tin of tuna with mayo. So, not a massive departure but significant unless I get my act together today.

Which is what I'm doing by posting this first thing.

Next up, I'm going to get out into the garden and rake some leaves and just generally tidy up. Walk the dogs. Then, If I have any more energy, I'll tackle the inside of the house. So, a busy day and I'm NOT going to stray any more.

Send me strong thoughts please.

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smellyshelley said...

I just went back and went through all your old posts when you lost all your weight. WOW! You were determined! Really, I think you look pretty great now, but I understand wanting to get back down...and being frustrated with gaining some back. I think once you are in a range that is fairly healthy it is so much harder to get going. I know I'm still struggling to lose my 2 stones (now that I know what a stone means thanks to you). I'm sure maintaining is hard too, especially if you haven't dealt with unhealthy habits or patterns. My weakness - wine, which causes me to snack in the evenings...

Keep your chin up!