Firewirks over Sydney Opera House

Firewirks over Sydney Opera House

Thursday, 6 November 2008

Baby steps

The Lion's Head and part of Table Mountain from Signal Hill in Cape Town.

A gorgeous Guinea Fowl. I feel in love with them on holiday and have a hand painted mug with guinea fowl on which is, strangely, my favourite of all our holiday souvenirs. Apart from the photos of course.

I tried to think of some connection between the sunset photos and my dieting musings....but anything I came up with sounded hackneyed to say the least so I conclude that they're just pretty pictures and a reminder of a lovely evening and beautiful place.

I've made a good start now. After a chaotic few weeks since we came back from SA during which I've had good days and bad. Now, I feel more centred and determined than ever.

I'm NOT going to throw away all the fantastic achievements of last year (and this). I'm NOT going to go back to feeling fat and lethargic.

Activity is the key and owning my problems with food. I have been hiding from them and trying to "control" my eating which is always setting myself up for a fall as you can't be "in control" all the time. I need to work out why I want to eat too much in the first place. It is definitely a hiding or a coping mechanism. Hiding away, not doing stuff, not going out much or exercising and turning to food for solace. Not a pretty picture.

I don't live like that all the time or even much of the time. The problem is, though, that I do have the occasional cycle like that and my physiology and dieting history means that even a fortnight or so like that can be incredibly destructive and I can gain weight extremely quickly. So a few weeks of "hiding" can undo weeks and months of good choices and active lifestyle.

I have to accept that and work out, firstly, how to lose weight within a healthy lifestyle and, secondly, how to minimise the negative effects of the bottom end of the curve.

At the moment, I feel positive and am making good choices. I'm not eating outside of meals, planning healthy and reasonable meals, turning down sweets and chocolates, not snacking and just generally not feeling that horrible empty urge to eat. I'm keeping up the exercise too.

I must keep this going and not derail myself when I have a small sucess.

I'm still thinking about some "rules" or non-negotiables as Mrs L would say. I'm also trying to think of how to "gee us up" as requested by Ameythist. All I can say is that I know we can do it and I know we are better off for having taken this journey even if we are experiencing difficulties. At lest we know how much we can achieve. We just have to remind ourselves of our incredible strength and resources and all the amazing sucesses we have had and will have in the future. Alright?!

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