Thursday, 20 November 2008

Joy of movement

Shelagh running. She's much more cautious than her daughter.

I thought this was an atmospheric shot for the season. Don't know why.

An irritating pheasant who crouched in the shadows rather than walking into the perfect sun for his photo and then, when I was too far away, immediately left the shadown and looked magnificent.

Mad Minty running for her life...... I wish I had her energy

I took the dogs out for a lovely walk in the winter sunshine on Tuesday and had a ball watching them hurtling across the fields. Minty expecially just steams down slopes and often ends of in a heap at the fence at the bottom. It's lovely to watch.
Anyway, this'll be short 'cos I'm heading off for my first proper weigh in. Wish me luck!

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C said...

I hope you weigh in went well. Keep up the good work and it is great to have you back blogging. I missed reading your posts.