Saturday, 15 November 2008

Feeling positive

A mini ( and somewhat anthropomorphic) elephant story I observed. This is Mum, baby and auntie (auntie has only a bit part so don't get too attached to her).

Close up of baby, dreaming about being free!

"Don't you go too far baby, I'm keeping an eye on you!"

"But, I wanna. S'not fair. I never get to go anywhere...."

"Sigh. She's back but I still want to go. I'm a big girl now."

I had a think yesterday about some targets. I came to the conclusion that there should be 2 sets of targets, one for now, while I'm dropping weight and another for when I get back to where I want to be and am maintaining .
So, current targets are as follows:
  1. Don't chafe against the bonds, stick to the diet!
  2. If you do fall of the wagon, forget about it and get right back on, not waiting 'til "tomorrow"!
  3. Use Thought Records to help you when you're frustrated or when you struggle.
  4. Make and follow a weekly exercise plan.

Which leads me neatly to the Exercise Plan for this week:

Saturday - short run with dogs or longer walk.

Sunday - Long walk with dogs

Monday - Step Class

Tuesday - Personal training

Wednesday - Either swim at lunch or run in the evening

Thursday - Personal training

Friday - Body Combat class

See, that all seems very simple. What can possibly go wrong?!!

Actually, I'm feeling very positive at the moment. I'm experiencing that beginning-of-a-diet elation when you are ready to do the diet and happy to be doing something because the weight has been upsetting you. I don't want to be in this position again because what it means is that I have gained weight rapidly and I have been feeling so rubbish about it that I'm happy to be restricting my food. Surely this isn't right!

Still, better than feeling crap I suppose.

I'm also surprised at how liberated I feel by not knowing my exact weight. I had been hiding away from it for a week or so before I started the diet and knew that the number would not be pleasant so I asked the Counsellor not to tell me and to keep my card. Now I simply don't know and therefore haven't experienced that rush of depression or self-hatred at the number itself, merely the happiness that I'm doing something about it. Neat eh?

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C said...

I really like the idea of not being focused on a number. I like your goals too. I am making goals for myself as well. Good luck!! I love the pictures of the elephants. They are fantastic.