Firewirks over Sydney Opera House

Firewirks over Sydney Opera House

Wednesday, 19 November 2008

I'm 39 today!

It's the dogs' turn. They're tired of all these glamorous and exotic beasties dominating my pages so here are a few of Shelagh and Minty in the garden.

Doggie business at the bottom of the garden, no doubt of utmost importance.

Next door's alsatian, Boo, looks on. She is a nice dog (to humans) but I do feel a bit sorry for her stuck in the garden day after day with no-one to play with. Trouble is, I don't trust her with my 2 as she has been aggressive towards them in the past, so now it's look but don't touch.

You can see that Minty is looking back, is that trepidation? They seem to get on okay through the fence, much playing and barking and destroying of shrubs and beds goes on so I suppose it's alright.

It's the sort of birthday which makes you stop and look at it. Strangely 'cos, I'm not usually one to worry about getting older, this one has made me do a bit of stock taking.

My main thought has been that I do not want to be fat and forty. I'm not saying I'm particularly fat now, but if I were to gain weight next year at the same rate as I did this year, I would be heading that way. So, you can see my point.
I have been reading a lot of blogs recently and, in particular, some of the old ones. Does anyone remember Guinea? I wonder how he's getting on after he lost so much? Anyway, in one somewhat depressing post, he quoted some spurious stat that 98% of people who lose over 100lbs put it back on in 3 years and 70% do so within 1 year. Now I don't think that is strictly true but I know stats for keeping weight off are poor. I am determined to make this stick and keep battling at it.
I repeat, I am not going to be fat and forty!!!
I'd better go to work now. It's not going to a very exciting birthday. D is away and I have to attend a Council meeting this evening. Also, I'm dieting so not eating or drinking so the height of my thrills will be going to the pub quiz later this evening. I've told my mates to get their asses out so hopefully there'll be few people out and about.


Ameythist said...

I too remember Guinea and remember that bit he wrote!! also Cath and Chris, I used to catch up with Cath on Minimins but she stopped doing that too. It is a lifetime commitment this losing weight malarky!!Minty looks adorable her hair is cut short? she looks like she has an afro cut where it is wet and curly
luv Amxx

J said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY - hope you have a lovely day xxx

C said...

Happy Birthday!!