Firewirks over Sydney Opera House

Firewirks over Sydney Opera House

Friday, 28 November 2008


Minty in the frosty fields this morning. I did go out but for a walk with D and the dogs not a run. I wanted to take some piccies and it was beautiful but quite tricky with the low sun.

Minty barking at ducks on the river and Shelagh just doin' her thaang...

The heavenly view towards Hathersage.

So, why do I keep wandering into the kitchen for a look around?? Tell me that!

It's very annoying.
I must want something but it can't be food because I know I'm not hungry. All this "wandering" business achieves is a feeling of deprivation and dissatisfaction.

I also feel quite proud as I have managed to resist. The worst I've done was to take a piece of flabby white bread from the crock (D's not mine, I wouldn't buy that crap) and actually eating a single bite before smushing it into a lump in my fist and throwing it away. After that, I made a cup of tea and then came up here to blog while my bath is running.

I think it must be that time of the month when I usually hit the carbs because I'm feeling quite fat too which is the other sign.

Grrrr....anyway, I'm going up to the pub after my bath so that should distract me.

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LOL Mrs L xxx

(proper response this weekend - just cheering you from the sides!)