Firewirks over Sydney Opera House

Firewirks over Sydney Opera House

Tuesday, 11 November 2008

Slight change of plan

A few sunny photos to liven up these grey days.

Luckily this was taken out of the car window...we didn't see any snakes while walking but we certainly looked very carefully before sitting down anywhere!

The Slimming World class has been changed to Thursday so I'll go then. In the meantime I'm trying to remember how it all works and make a start.

I'm very busy at work and even busier with our group from the village raising funds for a total revamp of the local play area. We heard last week that our application to the Big Lottery has passed Stage 1 and now the hard work begins. We had a meeting last night and I think we're all shocked by the amount of work it will entail and how quickly we have to get our acts together. We have to get everything ready and the application submitted in 6 months which sounds like a long time but is not really when you look at the amount to be done!

Check out my other blog on and leave a comment, please!! It is difficult to get people who are not internet savvy to do so and the more interest the better as evidence of "community support".......sigh.....

The photos are of a wilderness region north of Cape Town called the Cederbergs. They're a big range of rocky hills and valleys full of vineyards and citrus orchards. It was weird to be driving on gravel roads and over endless mountain passes (sometimes for several hours) and then come across a field full of workers. Where did they all come from?? Still it was stunning and remote and gave us a very untouristy picture of a part of South Africa which I don't think many people see. The hiking was fantastic too - the rock formations were crazy and the wildlife too. Amazing flowers among the rocks too.

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