Monday, 17 November 2008

Busy busy busy

This little chap is a Jackass penguin and he lives not far south of Cape Town on the Cape Peninsula. Cute eh? A bit weird seeing penguins with no snow or ice though...
Diarmuid on the way up to Cape Point, note the sign behind him pointing out that baboons are dangerous....I thought they were gorgeous.
The view from the southernmost tip of the Cape Peninsula with False Bay behind me.
The Lighthouse on top of Cape Point and the Cape of Good Hope just peeking out behind it.

The other lighthouse on Cape Point (a tad confusing)

Our first family of baboons but not the last. I never managed to take a really good shot of any of them though. The ones which were close by were too fast and the slow ones were at the outer edges of my zoom, or it was too dark. V v frustrating.

I liked this little chap but he wouldn't smile for the camera...

I'm finding sticking to my plan surprisingly easy. Irritatingly, I don't feel any thinner but I'm sure that will come soon enough. In the meantime, it is "switch off brain and try to cruise through" time.

That's not to say that I'm being perfect, far from it but I'm not going very far off the rails and getting straight back on track.

There's one area where I'm not performing in a stellar manner and that is exercise. I had every intention of going to my step class this lunchtime, but when work intruded and put paid to that, I was frankly relieved. I suppose I could have nipped out for a quick run this evening but I chose not to have time. I can see what I'm doing and I'm not proud of myself here.
So, I need to try a bit harder to make sure that exercise doesn't get shoved out of the picture. I know it's rainy and miserable but that is no excuse!
Of course I'm confident that I won't skive off from seeing the lovely Huw tomorrow morning at 7am, that is a given. So there is a silver lining. I've been so consistent with my personal training for the last 18 months which is why I don't dare reduce the number of sessions per week even though he is ruinously expensive! Credit crunch be damned.
In other news, where does everyone stand on the John Sergeant vs the Judges flim flam on Strictly? I'm firmly against poor old John. Think he should be booted out unceremoniously and let the rest of us get back to enjoying pretty girls in nice frocks and hunky chaps with bulging biceps!! I'm so shallow..... Vote for anyone but John!!!

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Emma Wood said...

I've not seen any of Strictly this year, but I did see a clip on youtube of John that cracked me up. It was him just pulling a girl along the dancefloor like she was a sack of potatoes, then they cut to the judge's faces and they were just wincing in agony! Very funny, but hard to believe he's still in!

Great to see you're back and blogging, it's just wonderful to see someone whose done a VLCD and kept the weight off - that's the thing I'm most worried about really.

I'm not sure if I've got the etiquette right here anyway. If you write on my blog am I supposed to write back on mine or yours? I did both just incase!