Sunday, 30 November 2008

Diet vs hangover!

I know I know. I'm on a VCLD so should not be able to have a hangover but my friends were up from London for a visit and I fancied a break.

We went to Castleton which is a lovely picturesque village a few miles from where I live. It was a really cold and frosty afternoon and the village is decked out with loads of Christmas Trees and lights for the tourists so it felt like it was the embodiment of the Christmassy spirit. Very nice just trotting round the little lanes and popping into the shops selling tourist stuff. But of course, after a hours or so of that, thoughts turn to the pub. So, mulled wine (although I managed to turn down the free mince pie!) followed by a winter warming meal and then more wine and assorted drinks. All this topped off by a birthday party complete with disco and much dancing!

I was quite restrained on the food selection, didn't visit the buffet at the birthday party and kept off the more fattening drinks but I was most definitely NOT on a diet yesterday.

Still, I had a great time and it was good to see my pals and have a lark around. I'm back on the wagon today so hopefuly it won't spoil my week too much. Just slow me down a bit.

Today has been good too. The hangover is not bad at all so we've been for a crisp and frosty walk with the dogs and, once the Londoners left to get back to the big bad city, I headed into the garden to do more tidying up and raking of the last leaves. Only an hour or so but I felt very virtuous. I have also potted up some herbs before they get killed by the frost so I have those on my window sill looking fresh and green and making the kitchen smell nice. Domestic Goddess or what!

I haven't made my Christmas cake yet though....marks off on the Goddess-O-Meter there....tut tut

Hope you've all had a great weekend and are going to have a good diet week too. Sending much love to Mrs L and her poor sick pets (and husband too!). I thinking of you sweets. xxx


Emma Wood said...

Hey mate, thanks for all of your encouragement on my blog! I've been allowing myself to be a bit mopey recently but am determined to change it around now (and hopefully get back to posting slightly more often, I was doing so well at first!!!)

I spent today doing my Christmas cake, so am one step ahead on the Domestic Goddess chart, and managed to avoid nibbling on the icing, which I thought was quite impressive!

I knew that technically it was possible to come off the diet for a day/meal, but I haven't dared to incase the taste of real food turns me in to a raving nutter.

After going through the first few days of the diet where you still have cravings, do they come back if you eat something and then go back on it again? I don't think I have the strength!

MizFit said...

after reading your lovely post you know what stuck in my mind?

if only the liquid were always calorie free as that's what 'ruins' my food plans so often at parties.